Super Farmers flower bed!

Poor Super Farmer. I saw the chickens pecking away in his flower bed early this morning.

Chad spent over an hour a few days ago tilling up the earth, laying down fresh, dark rich soil that he bought special at Tactor Supply just for his little babies. He dug a tiny little hole with his finger, dropped in a single flower seed, covered it up and gave each one a loving pat (which I teased him for). I think I heard him whispering encouraging words to them.

Well, early this morning after C.S. (our rooster) squawked out his annoying ‘gotta get em up’ alarm to us and every neighbor within a 10 mile radius, I looked out the window to see not one, not two, not three, not four…but every chicken we own in Super Farmers flower bed scratching away the dirt pecking away at bugs and seeds!
Did I go out there like a good wifey and chase those birds away until they lost their feathers? Nope…I causally walked back into the bedroom, gave my hubby his steaming hot cup of joe, and just happened to mention something about chickens, flower bed, seeds gone.
Chad took a sip of his much too hot coffee, opened his eyes wide to look at me with his head tilted as if to listen carefully and asked, “what did you just say?”
I repeated through sips, something about chickens and goodbye seeds.
He flung those covers back, jumped out of bed and ran to the back door where he looked out the window to see not only the chickens in his flower bed, but now the duck and turkey had joined them with their beaks buried in the tilled up again dirt!
He ran outside barefoot in his man jammies, waving his arms and yelling like a crazy person! I stood inside the doorway (I’m not going out there in my red puppy dog robe for the neighbors and passing cars to see…again!) drinking my coffee trying not to laugh out loud! Super Farmer chased those birds out of his flower bed away from his precious seeds, around the garage and into the back pasture towards the barn…him screaming out warnings of roasted chicken for dinner, them squawking with wings flapping, feathers flying! After he got those pesky birds out of sight, he came back walking gingerly because he realized that he was barefoot. He got to the back porch where I was now sitting on my swing enjoying this beautiful Spring morning with entertainment, when I nonchalantly pointed toward his flower bed so he could see that the pig broke out again and was where? That’s right, rooting around in his flower bed! Chad took off again doing his man yell waving his arms. Last I saw, there was a fat black and white potbelly pig waddling as fast as her stubby little legs could go towards the front of the house with some nutty guy chasing it in bare feet and jammies with little yellow minions on them! I noticed a few cars slowing down to watch the non stop circus act that goes on over here.
Man I love this farm!


Dog paddling llamas?

I made the comment on one of my pics about Super Farmer teaching the llamas how to dog paddle. Well, I shouldn’t say such silly things because now I’ve been picturing it over and over in my non stop, super active imagination.

I could see this actually happening, and oh I wish it would!

Chad teaching the animals how to dog paddle would go something like this…

Well, we decided to dig an 8 foot deep pond on our land so we could stock it with fun things like fish, turtles, clams, snails, bullfrogs, toads, and help the mosquito population to explode! I even thought about getting a couple of swans and a Mallard or seven, maybe even a blue Heron! I can picture this now beautiful pond sparkling in the sunlight, a 20 lb bass or two jumping up out of the crystal blue water to help keep down the mosquito population that we also were hoping would thrive for the many frogs and toads who hide in the lily pads that Chad threw in!

The only problem, Mr Super Farmer thought it would be a great idea to put it smack in front of the barn so the animals would get plenty of exercise swimming to and from the barn! I told him a million, yes a million, times that that was a bad idea. But noooo, Mr ‘I Know better’ put that crazy body of water in front of the barn! After a few months of filling it up with the garden hose, which by the way I told him was another bad idea, our beautiful pond was ready!
And what did those llamas do? Stand in front of the pond looking at the barn on the other side with a confused, mixed with anger look! Chad proudly stands there with the frustrated animals explaining how he did all this just for them. They are NOT happy. Nobody knows how to swim. I smugly stand there reminding him what a bad idea it was to put that oversized puddle in front of the barn that nobody can get to now!

So…what bright ideal does he come up with? Teaching llamas, a donkey, mini-horse and a fat ‘sure-to-sink’ pig (hope he knows how to do CPR on a pig!), and a small goat (who I’m sure will just jump over it anyways) to dog paddle! You can stop rubbing your eyes, you read right…dog paddle!

Super Farmer will start with Sammie because he’s easy going and has the desire to please daddy at all times. Chad wrestles a harness on him, forces him into the cold water and starts to dog paddle around the freaked out llama who can’t reach the bottom trying to get him to understand that he is to move all fours the same way he is as he swims in circles around the gasping llama who is desperately trying to keep his head above water! I throw a bright orange life ring to the now sinking llama as Mr ‘Not So Bright’ pulls on the rope to get him back to shore! Chad gets the bewildered animal safely on dry ground as the other 3 run over to poor Sammie who is shaking off water like a dog after a bath! The four of them line up and glare at Chad as I slowly back away because this is one battle that Chaddie is going to fight on his own!

Yep, that’s how I pictured our, I mean HIS, attempt at teaching the llamas how to dog paddle!

Forever love

Working the sale can be exhausting, and sometimes it’s hard to be ‘little miss cheery’, especially when folks argue with me over a dollar then open their wallet with hundreds of dollars inside. Or complain that the item they came for is already gone and just go on and on and on about it. Mornings are too early for me to take a stranger’s criticism, it makes me want to push my christianity down for a few minutes and explode!

But then there are the times when I see an elderly couple come in holding hands knowingly, like today. I look into the beautiful sky blue eyes of the gentleman who is being led by his partner of the last 60+ years. I can see that he is lost somewhere in the confusion of his mind. It’s the same look my father had in his own baby blues as he fought Alzheimer’s. I stood there for a moment blocking out all other noise, the hustle of people, the whispers of complaints. I locked eyes with the gentleman…mine reminding me of the path I traveled alongside my mother as she fought so hard to keep the only love she’s known by her side for as long as possible…his were straining to figure out if I was someone he is supposed to know. Although I didn’t personally know this man whose blue eyes used to shine with life, I felt like I’ve known him my whole life.
When his devoted wife gently tugged on his hand with her fingers curled around his to move him towards another room, I thought I saw a twinkle, a hint of a sparkle, as if a long lost pleasant memory that brought him joy just passed through is brain like a shooting star! It came and left in a flash of light that became lost in the darkness much too soon. He gave me a split second smile as I returned the favor. I wondered who I was to him in that moment. Was I a lost daughter? A sister who he once teased as a boy? His first crush? A teacher who encouraged him to be the best he could be? I will never know. It helped to put my day back into perspective, reminding me that life is short, fragile and downright unfair at times.

I watched this precious couple leave, her being so gentle and loving with her man of many decades as he tried to figure out the how and why he was there in that strange house. I had to close my eyes to keep a tear from falling because I saw my mom and dad walking down the sidewalk. My parents who started their life together at the tender ages of 17 and 18…laughing, planning, dreaming together for their future in the warm summer sand that they playfully threw at each other. My mom and dad’s golden years didn’t have that fairy tale ending every little girl hopes for. But the love they shared was a Cinderella dream come true.

My father passed away surrounded by the family who cherished him, each of us holding, touching him. Just before he joyfully leaped into the arms of his Savior, he opened up those baby blues, locking them with the tear filled eyes of his special lady, even though the doctors claimed he was already brain dead. And yet, for a few precious seconds, those eyes burned with the young love that began over 65 years ago at the woman who promised ‘until death do us part’. My daddy wanted to say “I love you” one last time to his bride of 63 years.
I’m positive that the elderly couple who are walking the same difficult path as my parents, will have a similar parting when it’s time for them say goodbye to a lifetime of love, and devotion. Forever love is just that, forever.

Another sale day for kyle

Yep, its sale day. A day where Chad and I work, work, and work some more! It’s also the day that Kyle gets to babysit the animals who always seem to know when he’s coming! I swear they all have a sixth sense about when he is going to be here to cater to them! I think they stay up all night planning out kyles day for his torment and their enjoyment! The poor kid can’t even sneak in through the back door without them knowing about it! He can be driving down Waverly and they run to the fence straining to watch for his car. The second they spot it , they gallop to their assigned post and wait. Each with their own evil grin, sinister giggles escaping through their nostrils. Kyle pulls up, sprints to the back hoping to go unnoticed only to hear Lincoln scream out his warning cry to let all barn animals know that the games have begun!!
God bless my son, may he survive this day with all his fingers and toes intact and his sanity!

Fun with mother

Fun with mother…

I took mother to Walmart so she could fill up her fridge with things she doesn’t need, just wants. After my normal one hour search for her, I finally found her by the check out and informed her I’m done and ready to hit the road, after all, I can see sunlight coming through the front doors. It was dark and cloudy when we came in so I’m getting the itch to see what’s out there swimming around in the sunshine. I walk up to her and before I could say ‘howdy doody’ she shoves a pack of feminine ‘things’ at me saying she should only get one package instead of two so please take these back for her. I politely say, nope as I drop it back in her basket, I’m not walking the length of the store holding female unmentionables as people quickly look away so as not to embarrass me. She picked up the package that advertises for ladies only in big bold letters on every side, and gave it to me again, firmly telling me to take them back. I once again dropped them back into her basket and with gusto said, ‘nope, not doing it!’ We stood there eyeing each other up and down, arms crossed…a mother daughter stand off! Me armed with youthful stance, and my mother armed with a cane who is not afraid to use it, neither one of us moving, trying to out wait the other. Finally, she suggested that we leave it on a shelf next to us and let an employee find it and put it back. I agreed, so I picked it up and was leaning over to place it on the shelf when an older couple who I don’t know but apparently know me, say, “Hi Mrs Addie…love your pictures!” as they eyeball my package.

A chippie day

Chad looks at me like I’m nuts sometimes…I dont know why because I’m always coming up with these great ideas! Today I thought it would be fun to have a Chippie day. What’s so nutty about that? I suggested that we both show Mr Snarly how much we love, adore, and appreciate him by carrying him around all day and not let his tiny feet touch the ground (which would be a challenge when he goes potty but I’m sure Super Farmer will be able to figure that one out!), we would take turns…Chad will carry him the first half of the day, I’ll carry him the second half of the day, at nighttime…you know, when we’re just sitting around watching the boob tube tossing the cat back and forth towards each other as we try to eat without a paw swiping at our forks! Chad can take him to the barn and arm wrestle the large animals while holding Mr Growly, he can do his paper work as Mr Teeth snuggles against his chest. And of course, Chad will hold Mr Unhappy as he fills up my gas tank for me.
Now, dont get me wrong, of course I’ll be doing my Chippie holding too as I watch TV, work on Facebook and of course sleep!
Sounds like fun and a great way to bond with our fur baby! I can’t wait until we have a Biscuit day!!

Sounds at the farm

So funny! Chad is on the riding lawn mower and I’m pulling up the dead sticks out front. Biscuit is running back and forth like a rabid dog barking at the mower through the fence as Chad yells out, “BOB” at the turkey so we can hear him gobble! The circus is performing right now. Me laughing out front, Chad mowing yelling BOB as Biscuits runs around like a crazy dog while the turkey gobbles away! Only us. 😁ðŸĪŠðŸ˜