strange things on the farm!

I read a post today about another farm and how they think someone or ‘something’ is talking to their animals late at night. Whatever it is, their cow and a few goats are ‘talking’ back to it. She thought it might be aliens!

So, of course, it got my over active imagination going! What if ‘something’ was talking to our dingbats in the early morning hours, before the Twilight Zone light crawled over the tops of the trees?

This is what I think would happen!

The llamas wake up to the rooster doing his annoying COCK A DOODLE DOOOOOOOOO as he senses that morning is about to explode. The racket wakes up Chad’s pig which is the signal for the herd to run to the far pasture to beat that pig from getting the tiny green blades sticking up through the snow!

Of course, Dunkay follows them in case they uncover a mound of clover that has somehow survived not only the icy snow, but every set of teeth that lives on the farm! So now there are 3 llamas, 1 alpaca, a tank-like mini-horse, and donkey shoving and scrounging for food even though the barrels inside the barn are overflowing with luscious green hay mixed with alfalfa!

Each animal has their lips stuck to the ice on the ground, lost in thought about how they can knock the others away from their teeny tiny patch of almost grass that’s now encased in ice.

Suddenly, a strange humming noise makes every furry head come up at the same time, mouths full of twigs, brown grass and lots of snow! They cock their heads in unison to listen. The weird humming stops. They hear a scratchy like voice which makes their ears pop up, again, at the exact same time. Three llamas, an alpaca, mini-tank, and a donkey stand like statues, eyes squinted towards the the rising sun trying to pick up any sound that may indicate food!

They listen…they wait!

In the glare of the sun, comes a dark, shadowy figure strolling towards them, his head looks like a bush of many twisted arms that wave at them! The other-worldly figure leans towards them, his long bony arms reaching out to grab the nearest dingbat which is Lincoln who screams at it (he screams at everything!).

The other llamas take off for the barn in fear, an icy white cloud which turns into a snow devil follows them sweeping up a hen or two!
And Dunkay? Well he pushes Lincoln out of the way to get a better look and does his famous little donkey dance as he Hee-Haws out “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!”

Dunkay then closes his eyes, smiles and dreams about all the hay they must have up there on Mars and soon it’ll all be his…his…his!!!
The dingbat donkey waits, and waits…no beaming up. He opens his eyes to find it was just a big old tree leaning towards them, it’s many hands waving from the wind, the voice was the branches rubbing together! And the humming noise? Well it turned out to be Chad’s pig Remi. since she was nearby humming in joy at the pile of grain she found that her daddy must have dropped earlier trying to get a llama to follow him!!

Maybe the aliens are already among us and look just a bit like farm critters and dingbats…which means they already live with us! No wonder strange and unusual things happen around here every hour of every day!



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