ice and chickens!

This was so funny!

I was feeding way too many chickens by the gate that Remi stares through demanding food. I threw a nice pile of scratch grain for them to fight over. Then, I noticed a small mound nearby covered in ice and shook my head as these bird brains squawked, flapped, and shoved each other nearby.

Out of nowhere, I noticed a rooster running full speed towards the flock of misfits! I thought to myself, ‘Oh this should be good, there’s no way he’s gonna be able to stop once he hits that ice!’ I was right!

That feathered dingbat hit that patch of ice and slid with wings flapping and feet in front going up and down trying to stop! He skidded all the way down the slick patch and hit those other chickens like a bowling ball. He got a full strike and knocked all 10 birds down! A perfect game!!

Yes, yes, I know I need a body cam! 🐓 ❄️ 🐖 🤠


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