buyer beware!

I’ve been selling stuff on the garage sale sites because I need a new jeep tire. With current inflation, I am trying to get it done before it costs north of $500. So today, someone came to the front door to pick up a treasure.

I opened the door and a nice lady was standing there with a nervous smile on her face. Why? Because C.S. (named Chicken Soup), our rooster who is trying to convince me that he’s human and should live in the house and eat at the table with us, was standing right next to her looking up at me.

Yep, a person I don’t know and C.S. standing side by side at the door. I gave her the item she can’t live without, she stepped around the rooster who was now looking at her bag (because I feed him popcorn out of the same kind of plastic Walmart bag). C.S. tried to peck at it as she walked faster down the walk due to the much too friendly chicken following and squaking at her to stop. She made it safely out the gate and the dingbat bird ran back to the door to try to get in before I closed it! He almost made it to!

Such adventure at Addie Acres funny farm!

I’ve had Dish workers be surrounded by turkeys, ducks, chickens, 2 goats and one llama to watch installation of a satellite dish…Prime delivery folks that are forced to walk past llamas who are standing on the porch, or waltz with circling goats…mailmen who hold packages above their heads so the goats can’t eat them…Facebook buyers who stand at the end of the sidewalk asking if it’s safe to come up to the door because Sweetie our llama is staring them down as she guards the front door…everyone being startled as a donkey HEE HAWS so loud that it sounds like a sonic boom, or the alpaca screaming at the stranger he doesn’t recognize.

Yet, my favorite would be folks who know us and ask before they walk in if Chippie is around, because they’re concerned that our 7lb shaking bundle of nerves chihuahua might attack them with those sharp teeny tiny teeth! (helpful hint: he only usually ‘smiles’ for the camera and is quite friendly in person…shhh!)

Yep, it’s fun and always an adventure to come to the farm to drop off, pick up, or try to visit! You never know whats going to greet, chase, stare down, or yell at you!

And then, there’s Super Farmer…


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