llamas and snow devils!

I was watching the snow devils race across the fields behind the barn, admiring the snow swirling in a tornado like fashion.

I squinted to see what was in the path of the snow devil when it hit me that the dingbats were outside the barn doors scavenging for anything green hiding under the blanket of white. I thought to myself, oh this should be good, a mini tornado and llamas!

So I grabbed my coat, ran outside to watch the snow show! The first icy swirl dissipated before it reached the tiny herd of 4…so no excitement. Violet glanced at it with indifference.

The second fierce tornado of ice crystals formed into a larger cloud that had an impressive form to it. It whirled toward the dingbats that were now watching the cloud race towards them faster than a speeding pot-bellied pig! Sweetie instantly ran back to the barn, Violet sat down and bowed her furry brown head towards the screaming tornado, and Sammy looked around trying to find the shortest path to safety.

Oh, and what about Lincoln? Well, he stood his ground, braced himself for the white monster about to swallow him up and screamed at it! Yep, the alpaca screamed with a loud rattle at that white tornado until it came right up to his open mouth! Then it just magically disappeared…I think the dingbat swallowed it!


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