playing dead…again

Yep, our animals play dead so good in the front pasture. where everyone can see them, that a young man stopped when I was out there feeding the dingbats, called me over to the fence and pointed to Laci who he said has been laying there motionless for at least an hour!

At first I couldn’t see her from where we were standing and he kept saying things like, ‘dead llama…not moving…could be sick!’ I was looking for one of the llamas, because that’s what he was saying…dead llama. I saw Laci out there napping after a full morning of coma eating.

I started to yell out my LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA. No immediate response, well, unless you count an opportunistic pig. He then pointed to the brown lump and said, right there, “dead”?

I saw my mini tank laying there and, I gotta admit, I was concerned, she wasn’t moving or twitching her tail! So I loudly said, “Yo, Laci!” She perked up and looked at us. He was relieved and I felt like I had to explain to him that for the last 12 years the horse naps after eating for hours.

Yup, she has freaked me out more times than I can count which has made me force Chad to go out there to check on her, over and over and over again! I babbled on and on for about 5 minutes causing the young man to slowly back step to his car. I don’t understand why he could be so concerned one moment then rush to get away from me like I’m a crazy lady who talks about animals playing dead just to spite her.

(By the way, they do!!!)


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