no Santa this year!

I’m almost positive that Santa will be skipping the farm this year! The naughties have been just that….naughty!!! I went into the barn today to find that the natives broke through the main gate…again….eating all my treats that I put in there last night, on the table, up high. I had 4 boxes of stale crackers, cookies and some bread. They not only ate every last crumb, but most of the boxes were gone…eaten. What was left were tiny pieces of shredded cardboard and wax paper. They also knocked over the kitties water and ate the fresh hay that was to be their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. Not anymore, they ate almost the whole bale before breakfast!
I tried to explain to them that Santa knows everything! He knows if they’ve been bad or good, so be GOOD for goodness sake! They nodded their heads in agreement as if to say , “sorry”, then within 3.8 seconds, the donkey was pushing the goats out of the way, Laci the mini tank shoved the alpaca into the wall and Sammie spit at everyone! Coal….that’s what I’m writing to Santa about this week….coal!!!


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