Guest being chased by a donkey!

As most of you know, we have a nice room that is on Airbnb (bed & breakfast). We have an older couple staying with us all weekend from N. Carolina. They aren’t exactly animal people and have no interest meeting the large fur balls in the pasture who have been staring at them like stalkers every time they go outside to eat on the porch. The llamas along with Dunkay, line up at the fence and watch these folks…every move they make, they see it…watching…waiting…hoping they will come over and give them a treat. Heck, it even creeps me out! Any who…I got up this morning and went downstairs to check on my guest.  They were standing by the front door, in their jammies, holding plates of food and coffee. They looked a bit ‘startled’. I asked what was wrong.  They told me they fixed some eggs and toast went outside to eat, hoping to enjoy the beautiful morning, when Dunkay barreled through the gate and galloped straight towards their plates of food! They sat there frozen to the chairs not sure if they should give up their breakfast to the beast or grab everything and run! They chose the latter! They got up, held the plates high and quickly walked to the front porch. Dunkay knocked over a chair and broke a plate as these two elderly folks tried to get away!  After he was done ‘wrecking havoc’ as she put it…he trotted to the front porch where they were trying to eat and demanded all the food…NOW! They ran back into the house, stood at the door, staring at it in disbelief.  That’s where I came in. I assured them that he really is harmless,  and coaxed them back to the kitchen.  I tried to make a joke out of it, but they didn’t think it was funny. They just looked at me with a blank stare!  I went outside looking for Mr Pain In the Butt. He was already back in the barn harassing the chickens.  I swept up the shattered plate, picked up the chair and scolded Dunkay as he stood inside the barn with his head peeking around the corner cause he knows better!   I don’t think these folks will be back.


Bread chase!

Oh my gosh…I need a body cam! This is so funny!
I took bread out to the chickens, turkeys and quacker. Of course Remi and Dunkay came galloping over to push away all their feathered friends so that they can have all of the bread along with the tiny crumbs to themselves.
I’m a nice farm mommy and gave Dunkay his own slice of bread because I love him, or to keep him occupied by chewing for a bit so I can throw food around, over and under him.
Well, Gobble Gobble was right next to him and by george if that turkey didn’t grab that slice of bread right out of his chewing mouth and run with it! Yep, she saw, grabbed, and ran! Dunkay is looking at me like, ‘what the heck just happened?’ I nodded towards the running white turkey with a whole slice of bread hanging out of her beak, and causally said, “yep, she got it didn’t she!” Dunkay perked up, narrowed his eyes with a ‘no way is some bird brain gonna get MY food’ look and took off after her! Gobble Gobble is running and flapping towards the barn with the treat. Dunkay was only a tail feather or two behind, catching up fast! Well, BOB saw his woman being chased by a donkey and ran after them which of course made Remi want to get in the action in case the bread got dropped! There they went…the four of them waddling, galloping and flapping around the pasture for a piece of bread. I rolled my eyes, shook my head, and gave the duck an extra piece of bread as the foursome went around the corner of the barn out of sight leaving a cloud of dust behind! I don’t know who ate the prize, my guess is that it got dropped and the four of them dived for it and Remi got it because she’s a pig.
Oh brother!

Memories being made

I’m sitting on my back porch snuggling with my hubby on the swing as we watch the last bit of the sunset. The sky is a golden yellow with dark red clouds lazily hanging in the soon to be night sky. The llamas are hanging out with us, BOB is talking to Gobble Gobble and the crickets are chirping out their goodnight melodies. It’s my last evening being in my 50s. In a few short hours, I begin a new decade. One that will gently usher me into more of a ‘senior life’.
I’m resting in Chad’s arms watching Lincoln our alpaca hunt for food on the table a few feet away from us as Sweetie the llama strolls past. My heart is bursting with love and thankfulness for this goofy little farm.
I know that as we grow older, farm life will become physically hard for us to manage, we will have to walk away from our farm, our home, when that season sneaks up on us.
Someday, our beloved llamas will gallop off to greener pastures that Jesus has all ready set up for them. BOB and C.S. will also be gone as well as my naughty donkey. Chippie and Biscuit will be running with Tribble, playing with my little girl Sarah, giving kisses to my mommy, and my BFF Liz in heaven. My heart will surely break with each and every passing of a much loved fur baby big and small.

I’m trying to cram this night, my farm, my husband, my fur babies, my past life deep into my aching heart tonight.
I want to be able to dig deep inside my memories many many years from now when it’s all gone and pull up this moment. I want to recall every sound, smell, sight and feeling that this evening is blessing me with. I don’t want it to end.

Maybe 25 years from now, I will be holding a great grandchild snuggled against my bosom with Chad’s arm draped around my shoulders. I will tell my grandchild about a crazy little farm in La Porte Indiana filled with llamas who sat on the porch with us, who stared at us through the windows. I will laugh as I tell about the turkey named BOB who gobbled every time we yelled out his name. I will roll my eyes as I bring up the memory of the annoying pig named Remi Doodles that appeared out of nowhere as soon as grain was thrown on the ground. I will let great grandpa tell about the naughty donkey who ruled the farm, who made poor old G-Pa chase him from house to barn to pasture then back to the house. I will fondly tell them about a mini horse named Laci who would eat herself into a coma, about our little goat named Sugar Baby who sat on the swing with us cuddling, and of course the little chihuahua named Chippie who hated everything. I’m positive that every memory that I tell to my precious grandchild will be accompanied by a tear as my heart yearns for August 28th 2019, the night before I left one decade to begin another one.

Bitty Boy2 the wildman!

Ah, Bitty Boy2…the attack cat! My days are always an adventure with the non stop, claws out, flying through the air, shoe stealing, dog bothering, window screen climbing, chicken chasing cat that never sleeps for fear he might miss something.
He is on the lookout for any and all dust bunnies floating through the air, or a piece of paper dropped on the floor. He swats at dog hair floating past, or my favorite, rams his head into the wall at the sun beam in case it’s an alien from a different planet!

Bitty Boy2, my over active kitten that attacks my fingers on the stair rail as I’m going up or down. He climbs up my red puppy dog robe, new dress pants…anything that I’m wearing or might be thinking about wearing.

That cat sits outside the shower curtain batting at it while I’m in there, showing me his paw because streaming water is too much to pass up without a fight!

And, fight he does as he flys through the air to kill my mop, broom or vacuum sliding across the floor, leaving fresh cat paw prints as he follows me from room to room.

The feline who jumps into the fridge or dishwasher every time I open the door therefore making me stop, squat, look and chase out before I close it (yes he got stuck in there once and I only knew it because he was loudly meowing) . The cat who jumps into the litter box whenever I scoop out his poop, trying to go on the metal scooper. The thief who steals my shoes, eats my shoestrings, attacks my gray pussycat slippers in case they’re real and want to take over HIS house.

The cat that forces Biscuit the big ol Pit to love, sleep and play with him whether he wants to or not. Bitty Boy2, the fearless kitten who knows that the whole world revolves around him to cater to HIS needs!

A new decade

Today is my big brother Tommy’s birthday. He would’ve turned 67.
Tommy slipped away from our family under much protest and tears 5 short years ago.

August was always a favorite month of mine because my big bro’s birthday was 10 days before mine. We always had a lot of fun with that as kids, young adults and even entering our now gray senior years.

I remember Tommy’s 60th birthday, he got a lot of teasing complete with black balloons. I believe he wore his ‘I’m 60’ t-shirt with pride…it opened a door for him to tell old people jokes. My big bro was one of the funniest people I knew…always a smile, making jokes, weaving a story so stretched you couldn’t see the truth if it kissed you on the lips!

I moved to Stuart Fl in 1979 with Tommy to help pull myself together, trying to get off drugs. My first hubby Joel, my soul mate, joined us 6 months later. I have to admit, it was one of the happiest, most fun filled, full of laughter times in my life! I miss Tommy, I miss Joel, I miss my youth and all the hopes and dreams that I had in those years while living in FL. Tommy got me through some rough times.

So in 10 short days, I will say goodbye to my 50s and enter a new phase in my already way to short life. I will adjust my life to embrace slowing down more, tending to new aches and pains, ignoring the lines around my eyes, the thinning skin, not get annoyed that I can’t haul 50lb bales of hay anymore (oh darn, now Super Farmer has to do it all!), not to get discouraged that it takes more time to get up from the ground when I take pics, and convincing myself that it’s okay to forget where I placed my car keys…again. I don’t want to be 60…it just sounds old.

The one thing that will surely bring a tear to my eyes on my big SIX O…is knowing that my Boom Boom (Tommy’s nickname) won’t be calling me up so he can tease me by saying, “come on up, old age is fun!” I’m positive he would have flown home to help me celebrate entering into my ‘latter years’ with lots of laughter, a trip down memory lane of our non stop laugh-a-thon until you cried, life in the mobile home park known as Natalie Estates in Stuart FL with Joelie Cakes (my pet name), and of course our favorite must-play-every-time-we’re-together card game ‘Peanuts!’

I miss my bro and I’m going to miss my 50s…the decade where Chad and I started Addie Acres…becoming a llama mama, watching Chad learn how to be a farmer along with lots of advice from me who never knew where eggs came from, becoming a grandma for the first time…learning what love looks like through a child all over again. I started writing more and figured out what a camera was for. God opened up my life in an adventurous way in my 50s…its like I became alive for the first time…a farm, llamas, small children again, roosters that never shut up, beauty in small things like a frog’s eyes just above the water, a goose feather dotted in water droplets, newly hatched cygnets following their parents in the sunset, God’s beauty in the sky as the sun kisses the horizon bringing out the stars.
I was able to free myself from past pain… finally laying it to rest because, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

I discovered His beauty in a fresh way through the lens of a little red camera, and learned to laugh more (mostly at Chad)…not taking myself so seriously. I also experienced God’s love and faithfulness the last 10 years in a way I didn’t know existed as we walked through some difficult times here on the farm. I would like to say that I’m more relaxed, and I don’t sweat the small stuff. I choose not to battle, not engage in drama, and I’m learning to put everything in God’s faithful hands even though He has to pry my fingers off it once in awhile. I’m sure this next decade will bring new challenges, a different way of doing everyday tasks as arthritis settles in more, a new perspective looking in the future that brings me closer to going home as I say goodbye to people I love as we grow older. I guess in a way I’m looking forward to slowing down with the man who has my heart, who holds my hand in the Jeep just because. So in ten short days, my life enters a new decade…one that I pray is filled with more of Jesus, laughter, good health, all my marbles, more cuddling grandchildren, and maybe a new baby goat!

Donkey chase!

We’ll, Dunkay managed to fit his plumb, furry body through a tiny opening in the back gate and got into the forbidden pasture with Stormy. The tank tried to follow him but is a bit chunkier than he is and didn’t make it. She twisted, snorted and tried to jump. She gave up and backed out while Dunkay stood there watching with a mouthful of grass. Sparky thought she could get through to the yard of plenty and squeezed, whinnied, stomped her hooves and got stuck. I’m standing there watching the performance as my eyes roll with the words, “oh brother” coming out of my mouth over and over. I get on the other side with Dunkay and I push Sparky’s head, forcing her to go backwards, freeing her from the trap (I was tempted to leave her there) as I tell her, “bad horse, very naughty”! Now I turn my attention onto Dunkay. We stare each other down for about 15 seconds, me with squinted eyes, his with amusement cause he knows it will soon be chase time! I step towards him, he steps back. I raise my arms to start my ‘famous crazy farmer lady yell’ and he turns around and trots to the back part of the pasture! The games have begun! I chase, he runs. I yell waving my arms, he throws his head back and ‘Hee Haws’ loudly mixed with laughter. We run back and forth as Stormy stands in the corner watching. The chickens scatter, feathers flying, the mama hen protecting the chicks as we sprint through the middle of the flock that was peacefully pecking away at the grass!! I get mad, he gets happy. He won. I left him there for Super Farmer to deal with when he gets home. Later on around dusk, I hear Dunkay roaring out his amusement as Super Farmer chases him back and forth yelling out words like, ‘Idiot, stop, come on’!!!! I quickly go outside to watch the show and they gave me my money’s worth!!! They ran back and forth for about ten minutes and Dunkay won! Super Farmer gave up. He came back to the house mumbling as he was scraping the poop off of his dress shoes, his tie flapping behind him. He gave me a ‘don’t even say it’ glare, so I didn’t. I silently giggled and gave a thumbs up to Dunkay. I will tempt the donkey out with carrots and threats of living in a cage later on.

This was from 5 years ago…Worth a repeat! Hahahaha!!

Watering mother’s fake flower’s

Fun with mother

I went to show off Baby Jeep to my mother. She oooohed and ahhhhhhed over it as I lovenly patted the Jeeps hood like a proud new parent. I took mom for a spin which was almost as exciting as Mr Toads Wild Ride at Disney World! I got her safely home after her adventure, got her settled in her comfy chair, made sure she had everything she could possibly need within arms reach, kissed her goodbye then quickly headed for the door before she thought of something for me to do that would keep me there for the next 4 weeks. On my way out she asked me to please water her flower’s next to the porch…I almost made it. So I get out the watering can, fill it to the point its splashing over the edge, went outside to water her beloved plant only to find silk flowers surrounded by curled up brown leaves and stems in a plastic green pot. I stood there scratching my head, looking around to see if I’m missing something. I go back inside to ask mother where are the flowers she’s talking about. She answered, ‘the pretty peach ones next to the porch, how could I have possibly missed them?’
I go back out to search for the fathom peach colored flowers only to see those goofy silk flowers in a worn out pot with other use-to-be-alive-wilted-plants that are now 99.9% dead.
Again I scratch my head that doesn’t itch, firmly telling myself that this can’t be the flowers she’s talking about when a loud annoyed voice behind me startled me out of my confusion. It said, “dont just stand there staring at my flowers, water them!” I looked at my mother, blinked a couple of times trying to think of a good come back. But the only words that would slip out was, “the fake flowers sticking out of the dead ones?? You’ve got to be kidding!”
Mother quickly replied that they’re not all dead, and the fake ones help to make them look pretty!
So, like a good obedient child, I stood outside, in public, at high noon and watered mothers fake flower’s as her neighbors drove past waving.

Dancing in the store!

So, I took mother shopping today in MC. She couldn’t shop in LP…nooooo…she had to go the Al’s over there (which I admit is pretty darn nice), to Meijer’s, and Lowes, then have lunch at Carlson’s for thier famous slaw dogs. We shopped at Lowes without incident, got lunch then proceeded to Al’s where I lost her within 5.9 seconds. Thus began the search for the little old lady who walks slower than a snail that seemed to disappear in the twilight zone of aged shoppers. As I moseyed on over to the shampoo aisle to see if there was anything new or exciting that you can’t get anywhere else, a fun song came on blasting down on me from the ceiling speaker. Well, as you all have figured out by now, I’m not your normal, boring, get it over with shopper. So I start snapping my fingers, doing a little side step to the beat when a young man employee
came around the corner and stood there wide eyed watching this crazy lady with a llama purse hanging on her arm movimg and a grooving, dancing for an audience of one! I stopped, gave him a shy I-just-got-caught-being-a-goof smile and went around the corner to continue my dance (after all, I couldn’t let this great beat go to waste!) I then noticed that my annoying cart that, of course, noisily clicked and shook every couple of feet, seemed to be in step with the beat too! So, what does Nancy do? She dances with her new dance partner cart, of course! Up and down the shampoo, soap, toothpaste aisle we shimmied, only to find the young man peaking around the corners spying on this ‘must of just got out of the looney bin lady!’ The music paused as I walked past the young man who was pretending not not stare at me to see if mother found her way out of the twilight fog. I found her in the freezer section doing a little shake, humming to the music which had resumed. EUREKA! After all these years of silly shopping fun, I realized my “can’t act normal in a store” personality is actually from my mother! What a relief to know. 😀