Guest being chased by a donkey!

As most of you know, we have a nice room that is on Airbnb (bed & breakfast). We have an older couple staying with us all weekend from N. Carolina. They aren’t exactly animal people and have no interest meeting the large fur balls in the pasture who have been staring at them like stalkers every time they go outside to eat on the porch. The llamas along with Dunkay, line up at the fence and watch these folks…every move they make, they see it…watching…waiting…hoping they will come over and give them a treat. Heck, it even creeps me out! Any who…I got up this morning and went downstairs to check on my guest.  They were standing by the front door, in their jammies, holding plates of food and coffee. They looked a bit ‘startled’. I asked what was wrong.  They told me they fixed some eggs and toast went outside to eat, hoping to enjoy the beautiful morning, when Dunkay barreled through the gate and galloped straight towards their plates of food! They sat there frozen to the chairs not sure if they should give up their breakfast to the beast or grab everything and run! They chose the latter! They got up, held the plates high and quickly walked to the front porch. Dunkay knocked over a chair and broke a plate as these two elderly folks tried to get away!  After he was done ‘wrecking havoc’ as she put it…he trotted to the front porch where they were trying to eat and demanded all the food…NOW! They ran back into the house, stood at the door, staring at it in disbelief.  That’s where I came in. I assured them that he really is harmless,  and coaxed them back to the kitchen.  I tried to make a joke out of it, but they didn’t think it was funny. They just looked at me with a blank stare!  I went outside looking for Mr Pain In the Butt. He was already back in the barn harassing the chickens.  I swept up the shattered plate, picked up the chair and scolded Dunkay as he stood inside the barn with his head peeking around the corner cause he knows better!   I don’t think these folks will be back.

Family coming!

Oh boy. We have family from KS visiting today!  Which means I make the animals get into tip top shape for the entire day.  Everyone has been given their list of do and don’ts for the day.

#1 most important….they are not to fight, bicker, push, shove, steal from each other or gang up on the goats.

#2 they will clean up which includes, brushing out the burrs, washing manes and tails and polishing hooves.

#3  they will greet all humans with smiles, nodding of head that shows love, and greet them with sloppy kisses, very sloppy, wet kisses.

#4 they will make each  family member a card or present, without using poop, dirty hay or chicken feathers.

#5 they will be so good that nobody will believe that these are the Addie Acre animals.

Now….will they follow it? Of course they will, I have the grain!!!!

Heated llamas

Yep…it’s hot out there. The animals are cranky, mad, irritable and downright nasty. There is one, almost cool spot on the farm and that’s our back porch.

The concrete is cool, there’s a non stop breeze and it’s close to the bird seed. What more can a large animal ask for?? Currently we have 3 llamas and an alpaca squeezed in the coveted spot that is big enough for one small goat. I would think with all that fur and sitting so close, it would raise the temp by another 20 degrees! But no…they are crammed in there so tight, they look like a rug! I can hear an occasional grunt, see spit fly past the window and hear a thump whenever one gets knocked off the porch!  If I was a nice farm mommy, I would chase them off so they could cool off in the heat. But I don’t, because it would only last for about 8 seconds. I’m sure that as soon as I closed the door, they would gallop back for the cool spot. No sense of me going out in that heat to chase a llama or three!!

Sale day!

Well, it’s sale day. I’m up, chads up, the dogs are really up, the rooster has been up for HOURS already,  and my son Kyle will be shortly to get his barn lecture on who gets a treat and who should spend the day in the naughty corner…I think we all know who that is! Poor Kyle…every time we do a sale…he stays here and babysits. You never know what animal is going to harass another while we’re gone. I don’t need folks freaking out going past the farm because there’s a donkey kicking at a llama, or a goat head butting a kitty, or 4 llamas having a spitting contest at the chickens, or Laci our mini tank playing dead in the front pasture as the neighbouring birds perch on her perfectly still body! Nope…I don’t need that at all. I want the farm to be quiet and peaceful while we’re gone.

Haha Haha! That won’t happen! I can already see them out there huddled together, coming up with a plan on how to get around Kyle and do what they want, when they want, and how. I think I’ll sprinkle Holy water on my son before I leave and pray for his safety, sanity, and wish him good luck as I run out the door!


I never have my camera handy when I really need it!  Lincoln was standing at the fence doing his loud, shrill, warning call.  I looked around but didn’t see any strange dogs, cats, or any other furry critter who didn’t belong on the farm. So I followed his gaze and saw a beautiful deer standing outside our property line. She was getting ready to run across the road when she stopped and spotted Lincoln our alpaca. I think she thought he was cute because she stood there gazing at him with those big beautiful brown, doe eyes with the long lashes!  She winked, he did his warning call. She flirted, he yelled louder. She nodded her head, he…that’s right…yelled more. I’m standing there scratching my head trying to figure out if she’s nuts or if he is! They look the same, they’re the same color and height, he’s handsome, she’s beautiful…it could work. He kept yelling, she kept flirting and I kept scratching my head until Biscuit came galloping towards us barking at the deer, which made her run. Too bad, I could have had a new daughter in law…sorta speak!!

The pickle

I learned something new today, goats don’t like pickles. I thought they ate everything including tin cans! I gave Dillon a kosher pickle and he wallowed it around in his mouth, spit it out, stared at it, picked up the now slimy pickle again, took a little bite, squished it between his gums and tossed it out of his mouth once more. He then squinted at me like, ‘how dare you give me that horrid thing’ and trotted away.  Before I could throw it away, Biscuit ran up, grabbed it and galloped away with Mr pickle because he thought it was something yummy.  He spit it out in front of Bouncer who then grabbed it and ran with it.  Last I saw, the donkey was running with it towards the barn. Who knows where it’s at now!


True story…Scouts Honor!!

Animal bath?

Been wondering, could I give my horse and Donkey a bath? I wonder……why, of course!  I’ll get Super Farmer right on it!  Heck, I’ll even help!  I will get the shampoo and brush out and ready for him.  Why, I bet he could do the goat and the llamas too!!  I can picture it in my mind…I will line them up, starting with the smallest…Dillon, followed by Laci the mini tank, then Dunkay, and the llamas close behind! It will be a farm ‘animal wash’. As soon as he gets to work, I will pull up a comfy chair and film it!  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a warm, sunny, Sunday afternoon!