Fun With Mother in Al’s

Fun with Mother…

Yup, 5 hours of M.M. (Mother Marathon) yesterday!

Mother hadn’t been out of the house for a month and needed to get away from the old man, her new 9 year old kitty, that follows her around like he’s love sick with catnip!

So I picked up Mother which is a job in itself!
It took her 10 minutes to get out of the chair…5 minutes to walk across the room…20 minutes to begin saying goodbye to the cat. Then, she took a deep breath and, no kidding, continued lecturing him about what he can and can not do while she’s gone as he ignored her (he must know Dunkay!).

Ok, ready to go we…continued to “get ready further”. Now it took at least an hour just to check lights, doors, cupboards (so the cat doesn’t get in them), and decide which coat to wear.

Ready now? Nope, must…sort…coupons…
hundreds of coupons! Must have those coupons! I watched the movie Titanic completely (well, I could have) waiting for her to get through her routine. At least entertaining the cat who decided I was his new giant play toy provided a distraction.

Mother finally announced that she was ready and demanded to know what was taking me so long! I rolled my eyes, kept my mouth shut, pushed the cat away from my legs as I tried to walk, and spent another 15 minutes getting mother into the Jeep.

Of course, Mother didn’t want to shop in LaPorte today….it had to be Michigan City…she looooooves Al’s over there…after all, it’s the only place in LaPorte County that makes ‘bread pudding’! So, we went to the Michigan City Al’s where it took me 30 minutes to get her out of the Jeep, walked her gingerly through the snow, and onto a scooter. And, she’s off! The Al’s scooter is 90% faster than the ones at Walmart!

That old woman took off like a bat of the ‘dark place’ and shouted YIPPEE as I ran after her with my cart! She acted like a teenage boy learning how to drive a race car. She went around corners on two wheels, left skid marks and made those granny wheels smoke and worst off, she made folks jump out of her way as she shouted “so sorry hahahahahaha!” or “watch where you’re going people”. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I kept telling people she wasn’t with me because half the store was glaring at me for bringing her in!

Alas, they were out of her bread pudding, but did have the balloons she was looking for for Kyle’s birthday. I kept my distance as I followed mother in her scooter, complete with huge balloons tied to it. Hopefully, she got some of those winter time cobwebs out of her brain by racing around the store grabbing ice cream bars and some toys for the old man…the cat!

It was a looooooong shopping day with Mother….loooong. When I dropped Mother off, she settled into her La-Z-Boy with a purring cat on her lap, and I could hear her voice trailing off about “next week we…need…to make…a LaPorte shopping run!”

Pray for me. 🙏🙃❤

addieacres #funwithmother


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