a looooong winter!

My winter barn fun has begun already and it hasn’t even snowed yet! It is COLD, windy, wet, grey, rainy and downright miserable out there. All creatures big and small on four legs are now huddled in the barn. Now mind you, its a big, spacious barn with a cozy spot for everybody. Do they spread out and lay down in their own corner of soft straw? NO! They huddle in one tiny spot which makes them angry at each other cause there isn’t enough room to be happy!
I walked in and there they were…3 llamas, 1 alpaca, one horse, one donkey, two goats and 5 escaped chickens. In a small area about 10 x 15 as two more bigger spaces that are just as warm and cozy are empty, well one had a lounging cat and a pecking hen. The girl llamas Sweetie & Violet, were spitting at the boys. Dunkay was pushing the goats with his butt, Laci was guarding enough space for 3 animals, refusing to let anyone else come near it (of course it was by the food) and the hens were clucking at everything that moved, to stay away from a newly built nest tucked under the hay that the natives were trying to eat when not fighting. I walked in and yelled at everyone to “STOP IT, BEHAVE YOURSELVES”! I don’t know why I do that…never works for more than 3.2 seconds. They look at me, glance at each other, snicker and go right back to what they do best, which is…fighting, spitting, shoving, bickering, guarding and being naughty! Yep, its gonna be a loooong winter!


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