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Addie Acres is located in the middle of corn fields with woods outlining the edges. There is a big metal barn that is home to 4 Llamas', 1 Alpaca, 2 mini horses that are so fat it's hard to call them 'mini', 1 donkey that thinks he's a dog, 2 ding bat goat's that never, ever shut up, too many hens, 4 roosters that have their days and nights mixed up, 5 barn kitties that watch the mice instead of chasing them and 4 spotted bunnies that have escaped their pens and are now helping the rabbit population go from basic brown to black and white mixed with butterscotch. My animals rule, control and play tricks on the humans that live a few feet away! Addie Acres has become the 'Funny Farm'! I've been jotting down our experience with the animals for awhile now and have decided to put all my stories in one place. Who knows, maybe someone else can find humor as they shake their head in agreement. Only us FARMERS really knows what goes on inside the "Barn"! Enjoy my journey as I try to control the animals that rule me!

Spooky garage sale!

We were driving down the road when I spotted a big green sign advertising a garage sale (I can spot them 3 miles down the road!), I noticed it’s in the very back behind a memorial buisness that sells tombstones. We kinda pulled in the driveway to take a peek. I hit chad in the arm and demanded that we turn around NOW. I’m not going to a ‘garage sale’ behind tombstones with bright yellow sale stickers that look like smiley faces) plastered on them, pots of half dead flowers lining the drive and a tall spooky looking guy dressed in a worn black suit who could be Lurch’s twin brother from the Adam’s Family standing in front of the opening of a very dark garage complete with cobwebs! He motioned us to come on up holding a dented urn (with a sale tag), wearing a wilted white rose on his lapel. We could see tables filled with creepy items like jars filled with liquid, unusual looking tools, things that I didn’t want to know what they were or what they’re used for! I swear I saw a wooden coffin, the kind you see in old western movies with a ‘todays deal’ sign on it in there. I’m sure if I looked long enough, I would’ve spotted ravens perched in the trees!


The reappearing pig!

I love it when Chad has a ‘Remi moment’! Sometimes I feel like he thinks I make some of this stuff up. He’ll come home and the poor guy isn’t even through the door when I start in on him about HIS animals! I follow him through the house carrying on and on about what they did to me, the yard, the porch, his flower’s, the neighbors trying to walk past. Usually he nods his head in agreement with a glazed look like he’s somewhere else, which I’m sure he is.

Well this morning before he left for work, he came in all frustrated waving his arms talking a mile a minute. This is his story…

‘I went out to feed the goats and chickens and had marshmallows for the goats as a treat. I looked everywhere for that pig, and she was nowhere to be seen. So I dropped a marshmallow in front of Dillon and that stupid pig was right there! One second she was nowhere to be seen, the next she’s grabbing Dillons treat before it hits the ground! I swear, she was not there when I let go of it! She appeared out of thin air BEFORE it hit the ground! How does she do that?! She’s like the butler in Mr Deeds!! I’m not kidding!’

I listened to his Remi tale nodding my head in agreement, secretly howling with laughter inside my head! He stopped, narrowed his eyes at me and demanded to know if I was listening! I replied, “why yes dear, I always listen to you!”

He got frustrated with me because he knew I was enjoying his woe way too much. So he stomped to the back door, peered out and motioned for me to take a look. He said, “see, no pig. Do YOU see her anywhere? I know that as soon as I step outside, she’ll be within inches of me!!”

I loving patted him on the back and reassured him that she’s in the barn now stealing Dunkays food.
He slowly opened the door, stuck his head out, looked both ways then ran to the car. Last I saw, he was running towards his silver HHR with Remi galloping a foot behind him, yelling at her to get the heck away from him as his silk tie flapped behind him!!

I guess she wasn’t in the barn after all! LOL LOL LOL!

Over excited potbelly pig!

This was almost funny. Chad and I got home just after sunset and it wasn’t quite dark yet. He went to fill up the llamas water in front of our garage and I started to take in our groceries. Chad is standing there with the hose, I have 3 sacks of goodies, when he turned to me and said, “what is that thing?” I follow his gaze to the far pasture but I don’t see anything. I replied, “theres nothing out there dear, water your animals.” He answers, “look! in the back field, its running this way…that black thing!” Now I’m almost concerned about his mental state, all I see is weeds, fencing, a few posts, a donkey, a tumbleweed…you know, farm stuff. I turn around to take my now getting heavy sacks into the house, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a black thing barrel it’s way through the gate, run around the car and up to Chad. Its Remi. I didn’t know that a fat little pig could run! Heck she can barely walk she’s so fat! Remi goes up to Chad and starts pushing on his legs, rubbing her pig snout and body all over his pants leaving clumps of piggy snot and bristly hair. He is doing a side step dance holding the hose trying to keep the pig away from his clean work pants. Remi wants her daddy and she wants him NOW! They are going around and around the water bucket. He is pushing her away with his free hand while keeping the hose over the bucket as she grunts, determined to get in a good rub. I laughed out loud and made a funny comment about how the pig loooooooves her daddy!! She heard my voice, looked at me, and by george if that darn pig didn’t start galloping towards me! I said, ” um Chad, your pig is coming at me, make her stop!”. He laughed out loud and made a snooty comment about how Remi just looooves her mommy! She tries to put her dirty snout on me and I find myself doing the farm gal country side step dance with a potbelly! I turned around and RAN with my groceries to the house with an over weight potbelly pig chasing me! I got to the back door and of course it was locked! I’m trapped between the chair and table with a pig coming straight at me as fast as her stubby little legs would go, which by the way, is unbelievably quick! I yelled at Chad to help me as I swung a couple of Kroger plastic bags in front of Remi’s face to keep her from touching me. I could hear my hero laughing as I threatened him with ‘dog house status’ for the next 15 years! I finally got the key to turn and stumbled inside because there was an over excited pitbull trying to go out as I’m trying to get in. I slammed the door and watched through the window at Remi who turned her attention towards poor Dillon the old goat. She ran up to him and put her nose right up to his behind and goosed him which made him jump up and angrily Baaaaaaaaa’d! Last I saw , he was running with the pig a half inch away from his behind to the barn! Chad came to the conclusion that she’s in heat and wants some attention. I for one, will be keeping my distance from an overly excited pig who wants to be loved by anyone at anytime for the next couple of days!

Wake up call!

Nothing like being woke up early in the morning by a screaming alpaca outside my bedroom window! I flung back the curtain (I seem to do that a lot!) to see what the heck he is freaking out about this time, only to find it’s that darn pig waaaaaaaaay out in the back pasture running, waddling, moving, galloping…what ever you want to call it (actually, she looks like a boat being tossed in the sea, back and forth…I’m always expecting her to fall over, little miss webbles, she wobbles but she doesn’t fall down!) coming full speed to the house! Lincoln couldn’t tell if it was friend or foe! So to be on the safe side, he decided it was foe and made sure that me and all the neighbors within 100 miles, knew that something was amiss here on the farm…again.

Perfect morning?

So, someone asked me, “what exactly are you looking for in a ‘normal’ morning?”

I had to think about this because our mornings fall under the categories of ‘frantic, unusual, chaotic, hilarious, unbelievable, twilight zone’. There’s nothing normal about living with llamas on your porch, goats in the house eating the Guinea pig food, a potbelly pig that shows up out of nowhere like the butler in Mr Deeds when you try to feed the chickens, a Donkey that chases his tail, a mini horse that stands in a trance most of the day from over eating, llamas and goats who stare at you through windows and doors, a rooster who, on purpose, screams out his before daybreak, COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOO under your bedroom window on purpose, ducks that swim in a green turtle sandbox, a turkey who barks at the neighbors, barn cats that constantly squabble with each other, swirling around the yard in a dust tornado…I could go on and on!

Back to the original question ‘what would my normal morning look like’.

I snuggled into my overstuffed lazyboy chair with my non stop growling 7lbs of fur and teeth, and daydreamed about my perfect morning!

My ‘normal’ morning would look something like this…

I wake up at 9am to song birds, not 5am to an annoying rooster. I roll over to find a steaming cup of coffee on my nightstand with a loving note with little hearts drawn all over it from my hubby, telling me how much he adores me, how lucky he is to have found me…the perfect wife…along with how he got up extra early to do all of the farm chores just so I could relax all day, take pics, go to garage sales, shop until I drop with a $100 bill!! I fling back the covers, stretch and not worry about stepping on a dog, or try to dodge a growling, snapping chihuahua. I take my cup of joe to the sparkling clean porch without weaving my way through a couple of llamas and a too fat, thinks she’s starving to death pig. I sit alone, not with a baby goat trying to lay on my lap, and listen to birds happily chirping out their praises to the One who created them! Not to chickens squabbling with each other over a worm that one of them is running away with. I sip my perfect cup of coffee watching the tree branches sway in the wind, butterflies flutter past…not at llamas having a ‘date’ in my line of vision and everyone else who happens to drive past the funny farm.

Yep, that about sums it up. I shook my head out of this fantasy dream just in time to watch Sweetie the llama gallop past the window with Dunkay close behind as Lincoln our alpaca stood at the fence screaming out his war cry at the poor guy who, after all these years, is still brave enough to walk his two fluff balls in the matching purple sweaters, past our farm as our turkey barks at them.

My not so fun morning

Okay, this was embarrassing. Chad called me this morning after he left for work, asking me to please check on Sugar Baby because he had jumped on the electric gate motor box next to the fence, baaaaaaa’ing at Chad on the other side when he saw him bringing up the trash can and checking the mail. Chad told him to get down, then hurried up to get in the car before he jumped over to him. Super Farmer drove away and called ME to go outside to make sure the goat hadn’t jumped over the fence to follow daddy down the road! Its early morning! The only ones up around here are me, chad, a baby goat and C.S. (short for chicken soup) the annoying, never shuts up rooster! I fling open the curtain, squint my sleepy eyes to see if theres any movement by the gate, and yep…sure enough, theres a goat on the metal silver box with his feet on top of the fence post, baaaaaaaa’ing towards the road! Nancy has to run downstairs, go outside to keep an about to jump over the fence, brown and white spotted baby goat, from chasing a silver HHR down a busy road. Now, did I just burst through the front door and run to him? Heck no! I’m in my pink summer jammies with my fuzzy kitty slippers. I’ve chased animals before in the front yard in my jammies and I think theres a video out there posted of a crazy farm lady in a red puppy dog robe chasing a llama with her arms outstretched yelling! I’m not giving my neighbors or a passerby the opportunity to film me yelling at a goat on top of box in hot pink PJ’s! So, sneaky me hides behind the front porch wood piller, and call to the goat who is still crying for his daddy! He looks at me for a split second, then looks back towards the road and starts up his wailing again. Now, I have to go to the dingbat! I check to see if theres any cars coming, and slowly step towards the animal who is determined to embarrass me. I get half way to the goat when not one, but two work trucks come down the road. So, I have a choice to make…I can casually act like I always walk around outside in cute, hot pink, summer Pj’s or run to the nearest bush to hide. I ran. After both trucks passed, I cautiously made my way to the non stop crying goat keeping an eye out for cars. I got to my now, not-my-favirite-animal, yelling at him to get down from there this instance, wagging my finger in his face. He baaaaaa’d, I scolded. After what seemed like an hour, he jumped down and strutted towards the back yard as I loudly told him, “no treats for you young man!!” I turned around to go back inside when a couple of guys in their yellow and black biking outfits pedaled past and waved. I slapped my hand to my forehead because I forgot that I was in a wide open area in my nightie and kitty cat slippers threatening a cute baby goat! I saw a couple of cars coming but I didn’t care anymore, I’m sure someone is downloading a video of a crazy farm lady in cute, hot pink jammies with gray fuzzy cat slippers, scolding an adorable, innocent baby goat at this very moment!

Can I ever have a normal morning????

Too Hot!!

I for one am enjoying this cooler weather along with our llamas and other furry critters. Our larger than life, think their human, need to be in control, bossy, they rule we drool animals, hate the hot muggy weather. It makes them cranky, irritable and down right sad. There’s nothing worse than a depressed donkey who wants mama to hold him and reassure him that the crisp Fall weather is right around the corner. The oven weather will make poor Laci our mini tank stop eating (whaaaaat??!!), she lays in the cool grass under the pecan trees and whinnies out , ‘oh woe is me, I’m so miserable’! The goat walks around the pasture in a daze, the unbearable air makes him act more dopey than he really is. He runs into things, and growls instead of baaaaa’s. The pig lives in the mud puddle, she angrily snaps at everything that walks, flys, floats or runs past her…every animal on the farm keeps their distance, except for Dunkay of course, he is overly nosey and wants to know what shes doing and if she’s hiding food. The llamas spend 99.9% of their time laying next to the metal barn in the shade. When they are up, they fight with each other. There were days when I thought it was raining because I kept seeing droplets flying past the window. It turned out to be llama spit…the girls were spitting at the boys, and the boys were sending it back! Kind of like a civil war reenactment…they are lined up facing each other other, eyes narrowed, cheeks puffed out filled with spit, front hooves pawing the dirt (which puts them in a dust cloud), they put their heads high in the air, wait for Dunkays command to shoot with a loud “HEEEEE HAAAAAW”, then the firing begins! Spit along with loud grunting, squawking from the crowd of chickens, hooves pounding on the ground, llama war cries, Dunkay ‘hee hawing’, flocks of birds flying out of the nearby trees trying to get away from the war, C.S. (our rosster) crowing out his frustration with all the noise, the dogs acting rabid in the house, running to every window to see ‘who, what, where, when, why’! The old goat is still in his heat daze and walks between the spitting llamas, getting a new shiney coat…which means somebody has to hose him down (now remember, I don’t do barn animals when it’s hot, cold, rainy, foggy, snowing, sunny or dark outside). After a few minutes of war in the pasture, I push Super Farmer towards the door with an old umbrella and demand that he break up the fight! This is when I find out how much he really, really loves me! So far, the man still adores me.

The chickens dont seem to mind the heat, they seize every opportunity to peck away at the over abundance of flies that comes along with farm life, weeds, grass, bugs, dirt, other animals, each other…anything. Yep, life on the farm during the summer is exciting, fun, adventurous, active, calm, peaceful…NOT!

Come on Fall!