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Dunkay thinks and acts like a dog and follows us humans everywhere!

Snowy Horses

Silly me….it is snowing pretty good here and we have about 5″ already with no let up.  I let the horses and Dunkay out of the barn because I felt like they were getting barn fever. They have been out in the field for a couple of snowy hours digging for grass or left over goat grain. I look out the window every few minutes to make sure nobody is getting into trouble which they can do in less than 30 seconds.  I saw in the back pasture, 2 white horses and one donkey. My first thought was, ‘oh no, somebody dropped off an un-wanted horse!’. Nope, I was wrong.  It was Laci my mini tank covered in snow and ice. She was so covered in snow, you couldn’t tell the two horses apart. Sparky however looked spic and span clean with the new white coat. Dunkay, he moves too much to get a snowy coating, he has to make sure he finds the grass or dropped nibbles before anybody else!

The attack on Dunkay

Looking out my window to see if there were naughty animals, I spotted Sparky & the Tank beating up Dunkay in front of the barn door.  They were nipping at him while pushing him with their noses.  He sorta stood there and let Laci bite him on the neck while Sparky pushed him with her snout.  They trotted around him like Indians circling a doomed wagon train. He stood there not moving or trying to get away while they formed a plan of attack on him. After a neck chew by Laci the mini tank, he threw his head high into the air and kicked up his back legs.  I was worried that I might see blood coming from his body. About 2 min passed and the attack was over.  Then the 3 of them walked out to the back pasture together like best buddies…weird. I guess it’s the week for the girls putting the boys in their place!  The horses today, the girl llama’s controlling Stormy yesterday! Woo-Hoo, the women rule on THIS farm…right Chad????

Before I go to bed, I shall share a Dunkay story. 

I collected all the brown eggs and remembered that my little red basket was in the house so I put them in a bread bag.  I carefully placed in each one so they wouldn’t break and gently laid them on the ground next to the gate. I went to the back of the barn to feed the Llamas when I heard this commotion behind me.  I automatically roll my eyes and start to form the word NO on my lips. I turned around and there was Dunkay with his head squeezed through the lower bars of the gate, my Wonder bread bag in his mouth. I saw myself in slow motion running to the gate, reaching for the bag of eggs, my hand opened wide and the favorite barn word being slowly yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOO”!. Dunkay looked at me, swung his head to the right, the bag of fragile eggs flying through the air just missing my out stretched hand and flying body!  It hit the metal top bar with a dishearten CRUCNH sound. The eggs and I landed at the same time next to the gate. Dunkay now on the other side, was looking at me with his ears back wearing a “did I do that??’ expression! Yep, 6 good eggs now scrambled without a frying pan!


My animals have manners!  I took out as a treat, mushy mashed potatoes for Chick Chick and her buddies who live in the main part of the barn.  I put it down and before I could say “NO” to Dunkay, 3 chickens and 2 cats came running to see what mommy has brought out for them today. They all love tators and decided to share,. Oh how I wish I had this on camera!  The black plastic container isn’t very big so they took turns taking a bite!  First Chirpy our black hen who we hatched on our own 2 years ago, then Chick Chick followed by the boy kiddie (who is buds with the possum) then the rooster, after his peck, the black kitten took a bite and then they started over!  A chicken, followed by a cat and so on!! There they were, 3 chickens, 2 cats, mining their manners by taking turns nibbling bites of food out of a tiny container filled with mashed potatoes. They were the envy of all the other animals who couldn’t get out of their pens to eat the delicious human food! Dunkay was not happy and HEE HAWED at me more than once.


If you are a true farm woman, it is impossible to get fat! I was out in the barn, field and yard today for an hour and a half, climbing hay stacks, moving bales, filling up animal water bins inside the barn. I did my grain dance with the circling goats and horses.  I then emptied out the turtle shaped sand box that the quackers use for a pool, rinsing it out as my impatient ducks flapped and squawked at me the whole time. I climbed over a bunny fence, taking part of it down to make their pen bigger. I swept, then hosed off the back porch from duck poop. I searched for eggs with Dunkay (only found 5..dang hens are getting sneaky again). I chased Llamas out of their pen into the back pasture so I could close it up and let chickens out to enjoy some fresh air and peck at the brown grass. I carried 2 large arm loads of hay to put out for the Llamas and the best exercise of all….I saw Dillon running towards the garage so I sprinted from the middle of the yard to beat him there.  I just fed the kitties and left the door open because I wasn’t done with my cat chores when I saw him do a bee-line for the opening! Ha!  I beat him!  I got there 2 seconds before he did and I loudly said to him, “I win, you lose, no kitty food for you!!” He grunted at me and walked away to see if he could get into the bunny pen for rabbit pellets. Tonight, I’m going to be lazy and herd everybody back into the barn with my Jeep, window down yelling “YEE HAAAW!!..ROLLEN ROLLEN ROLLEN KEEP THEM DOGGIES ROLLEN, RAW HIDE!!”

Dunkay plays (Nov 27)

Sheesh….I’m working upstairs on eBay when I hear this strange scraping sound, like something solid being pushed around on the porch with an occasional BANG. Of course the first thing I do is roll my eyes knowing that there is a naughty animal close by. This morning I let the ding bats out in the yard to munch on the frozen grass and they like to camp under my porch for coffee.  I go down stairs, open the back door and there’s Dunkay pushing a blue plastic water jug all over the concrete with his nose….he was playing!  All by himself. I guess the horses didn’t want a lowly donkey to hang with the cool crowd so he was amusing himself!  The black kitty who was crouched under the swing, stuck a paw out batting at the jug as it slid on by! I gotta get a camera out there!


Ah the joy of winter…lots of snow with high winds that make the below freezing weather feel like the North Pole on a warm day! Then there is the morn, afternoon and evening ritual. I put on my pink Carhart jacket with matching pants, hat and gloves, pink rubber boots that go up to my knees with the little brown horse’s on them, a scarf to wrap around my face 4 times and a prayer on my lips. I fight my way to the barn as the biting wind slams tiny ice particles onto my exposed face I couldn’t cover. On the way to the barn I repeat to myself, “I love these animals, they are worth the effort, it’s good exercise”. I then proceed to push a horse or a donkey (usually both) away from the barn door so I can get in without slipping on the ice. My favorite word is now being heard by all…”NO” or “stop it”.  The animals are now circling the feed bag, some grunting, some stomping and a few nips at each other! Then there is little ol  me, in the middle trying to formulate an escape plan in case they go to war. I hand out food rations which is never enough, I sneak to the hay bale before Dunkay gets there and throw little piles of hay everywhere so they all think they have their own food that nobody else can see! I let out a huge sigh of relief because I just survived another feeding. Now it’s time for the chickens and the black bunny who lives with them, helping to keep the eggs warm. And the ducks? They are in the yard quacking making hundreds of snow trails from the back porch to their shelter waiting for me to fight my way to them,unhappy because I didn’t feed them first.

Dunkay hates mudd (nov 25th)

Dunkay doesn’t like mud. He was on my back porch keeping his piggies dry when he decided to come over to see what I’m up to.  He went to the edge, looked at the mud puddle that outlined most of the edge until he found a spot that was mostly snow.  He walked over to the snow bridge, stepped onto the clean icy surface and avoided all the mud.  He then trotted up to me and nuzzled his nose into my hand. When he was satisfied that I wasn’t hiding grain from him, he turned around, backed up to me and demanded his butt scratched!

Chad & Dunkay

I love it when Chad has a Dunkay experience! It helps to prove to him and everyone else that I don’t make this stuff up! 
Chad Addie was walking out of the barn with an arm load of hay to feed the circling goats away from the hording horses. Dunkay spotted him sneaking away with food…so he trotted up to Chad and proceeded to eat the hay out of Chads arms as he walked to the field.  Yep, Chad with a boat load of hay and a donkey eating it while he is walking to the back field. Chad tried swinging it back in forth to keep an annoying donkey from chomping it down, yelling out my favorite phrase…”NO-STOP IT”…which Dunkay ignored like he always does! Of course Chads supportive wife was right behind him laughing, yelling out things like…”See?  What did I tell you? He does this stuff all the time! Having fun yet?!” . Chad and Dunkay both ignored me, one too busy eating while chasing and the other too busy trying to get away from the biggest nuisance on the farm!!

Here we go round and round!

Never a dull moment in the pasture. I’m working on eBay in my  office when I see out of the corner of my eye, running horses and a donkey…not a normal thing here on the farm.  They only run if there’s food in sight and I haven’t been out there yet.  So I look up to watch the show.  Dunkay & the Tank are going round and round with their noses planted in each others butt.  Laci is nipping at Dunkay and he is trying to get her to hold still cause he wants to have  some ‘afternoon delight’! Ummmm…he’s FIXED! Apparently, he doesn’t know that nor does he care. Therefore, they are running around in a tight circle like a spinning top, as Sparky runs in a wide circle around the both of them going in the opposite direction!  There the 3 em go, round and round.  Dunkay getting on his hind legs and Laci kicking hers up and planting a good one on him, which you’d think would make him stop.  I think we should rename our farm from Addie Acres to ‘Addie’s Non-Stop FUN Circus’!!. Or maybe, ‘Addie Funny Farm’ or ‘Addie’s What Are They Up To Now Farm’!  As I write this, the 3 of them are standing by the gate with their noses pressed together which almost as funny as them running around! Goof balls!  I gotta get this stuff on film!