Chad & Dunkay

I love it when Chad has a Dunkay experience! It helps to prove to him and everyone else that I don’t make this stuff up! 
Chad Addie was walking out of the barn with an arm load of hay to feed the circling goats away from the hording horses. Dunkay spotted him sneaking away with food…so he trotted up to Chad and proceeded to eat the hay out of Chads arms as he walked to the field.  Yep, Chad with a boat load of hay and a donkey eating it while he is walking to the back field. Chad tried swinging it back in forth to keep an annoying donkey from chomping it down, yelling out my favorite phrase…”NO-STOP IT”…which Dunkay ignored like he always does! Of course Chads supportive wife was right behind him laughing, yelling out things like…”See?  What did I tell you? He does this stuff all the time! Having fun yet?!” . Chad and Dunkay both ignored me, one too busy eating while chasing and the other too busy trying to get away from the biggest nuisance on the farm!!


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