Here we go round and round!

Never a dull moment in the pasture. I’m working on eBay in my  office when I see out of the corner of my eye, running horses and a donkey…not a normal thing here on the farm.  They only run if there’s food in sight and I haven’t been out there yet.  So I look up to watch the show.  Dunkay & the Tank are going round and round with their noses planted in each others butt.  Laci is nipping at Dunkay and he is trying to get her to hold still cause he wants to have  some ‘afternoon delight’! Ummmm…he’s FIXED! Apparently, he doesn’t know that nor does he care. Therefore, they are running around in a tight circle like a spinning top, as Sparky runs in a wide circle around the both of them going in the opposite direction!  There the 3 em go, round and round.  Dunkay getting on his hind legs and Laci kicking hers up and planting a good one on him, which you’d think would make him stop.  I think we should rename our farm from Addie Acres to ‘Addie’s Non-Stop FUN Circus’!!. Or maybe, ‘Addie Funny Farm’ or ‘Addie’s What Are They Up To Now Farm’!  As I write this, the 3 of them are standing by the gate with their noses pressed together which almost as funny as them running around! Goof balls!  I gotta get this stuff on film!

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