The attack on Dunkay

Looking out my window to see if there were naughty animals, I spotted Sparky & the Tank beating up Dunkay in front of the barn door.  They were nipping at him while pushing him with their noses.  He sorta stood there and let Laci bite him on the neck while Sparky pushed him with her snout.  They trotted around him like Indians circling a doomed wagon train. He stood there not moving or trying to get away while they formed a plan of attack on him. After a neck chew by Laci the mini tank, he threw his head high into the air and kicked up his back legs.  I was worried that I might see blood coming from his body. About 2 min passed and the attack was over.  Then the 3 of them walked out to the back pasture together like best buddies…weird. I guess it’s the week for the girls putting the boys in their place!  The horses today, the girl llama’s controlling Stormy yesterday! Woo-Hoo, the women rule on THIS farm…right Chad????

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