Dunkay plays (Nov 27)

Sheesh….I’m working upstairs on eBay when I hear this strange scraping sound, like something solid being pushed around on the porch with an occasional BANG. Of course the first thing I do is roll my eyes knowing that there is a naughty animal close by. This morning I let the ding bats out in the yard to munch on the frozen grass and they like to camp under my porch for coffee.  I go down stairs, open the back door and there’s Dunkay pushing a blue plastic water jug all over the concrete with his nose….he was playing!  All by himself. I guess the horses didn’t want a lowly donkey to hang with the cool crowd so he was amusing himself!  The black kitty who was crouched under the swing, stuck a paw out batting at the jug as it slid on by! I gotta get a camera out there!

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