My animals have manners!  I took out as a treat, mushy mashed potatoes for Chick Chick and her buddies who live in the main part of the barn.  I put it down and before I could say “NO” to Dunkay, 3 chickens and 2 cats came running to see what mommy has brought out for them today. They all love tators and decided to share,. Oh how I wish I had this on camera!  The black plastic container isn’t very big so they took turns taking a bite!  First Chirpy our black hen who we hatched on our own 2 years ago, then Chick Chick followed by the boy kiddie (who is buds with the possum) then the rooster, after his peck, the black kitten took a bite and then they started over!  A chicken, followed by a cat and so on!! There they were, 3 chickens, 2 cats, mining their manners by taking turns nibbling bites of food out of a tiny container filled with mashed potatoes. They were the envy of all the other animals who couldn’t get out of their pens to eat the delicious human food! Dunkay was not happy and HEE HAWED at me more than once.

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