Fun Games with Dunkay!

Somebody asked what fun thing do you do with your pet? So I thought about it and thought about it. Hmmm, what fun thing do I do with my pet?!

By gosh, I couldn’t come up with anything fun or cute! But I did think of a few things/games that I do on a daily basis with my ‘pets’! Let’s start with Dunkay. There are so many ‘fun’ things that I do with the Addie Acres’ donkey that I don’t have enough time, space or sanity to mention them all! Therefore I’ll just pick a few of my absolute favorites!

My number one thing to do with Mr. Pain-In-The-Butt is race with him…we race to the gate, we race to the barn, we race to every gate whether its real or imaginary. We race to the hay bin, we race to the garbage can!

The most fun I have with the stubborn animal is the stare down game! This fun thing that we do so well together always starts before a race.
For example…the gate has accidentally been left open and we both notice it at the exact, precise time as we stand in the middle of the pasture with the circling goats who make me dizzy watching them, the grunting pig and the mini horse who is in a coma from eating too much!

Dunkay and I squint our eyes at each other, he paws the ground as I stomp it! He lowers his head, I bend over in a professional start race stance… then the rooster crows out COCK-A-DOODLE GOOOOOOO!

Mr Pain-In-The-Butt and I both take off for the open gate as the other animals line up on both sides of us to cheer on their favorite runner (which better be me because I control the grain cup)!

We run and gallop across the pasture, jump over the duck swimming in her puddle, barrel through squawking chickens…only to stop 9″ from the opening because somehow, someway, Chad’s pig is standing there looking up at us! She is daring one of to move her!

That’s when our pushing game begins! I push the donkey towards the pig, he pushes me towards the now grunting pig who is slowing backing up towards the opening…which means the the stupid donkey wins…Nancy has to chase the pig around the yard to get her back inside the pasture!

Yep, that’s the kind of FUN I have here with MY pets!


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