cold…wind….sideways rain! yep, my favorite kind of weather! Barn duty is pleasant when I have to take care of cranky, wet and bored animals. Today, the horses refused to let Sammy (llama) and Lincoln (alpaca) inside. By the time I got out there, both were soaked, taking on the appearance of huge drowned rats! They stood at the opening shivering as Sparky stood guard. They practically hugged me when I yelled at Sparky & Laci to get to their side of the barn and behave themselves or NO FOOD! As soon as I opened the inside gate where we store the Gold (Hay), they all jumped, kicked, whinnied, Baaaaa’d, Hee-hawed, pushed, shoved, nipped and begged to be fed first and the most! On top of that, the stupid rooster decided to peck at me when I wasn’t looking. I showed him Mr Axe and he strutted away. Super Farmer is on barn duty tonight whether he wants to be or not! I hung up my farmer overalls and put away the pitch fork for the day!


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