Ah…the big snow storm that is sure to hit and shut all of humanity down in LaPorte County!
Most folks are running around like they’re crazy gathering food, water, logs for the fireplace, snow shovels, extra this, that and the other thing! Run people run! Gather! Freak out! Horde that sidewalk salt! Find the number for the nearest and cheapest snow removal service within a 100 miles and tape it to your forehead!

And while all the humans are in a full blown panic over 8″ of POSSIBLE snow…my animals are just as frantic!

They have a sixth sense about weather…they know when it’s raining (because they’re outside getting drenched eating), they know when the hot summer heat is on (because they’re outside baking in the scorching sun eating), they know when a tornado is about to hit (because they’re outside watching the neighbors roof fly past them in a thousand pieces as they eat). Somehow, they just know about these things!

Anyhoo…I checked on them tonight and they are running around like rabid dogs gathering grain, pushing hay into one corner, covering eggs with extra feathers, and fighting over the only warm spot in the barn as they draw hay straws to see who sleeps next to Remi, Chad’s pig!

They are in a frenzy inside that big metal barn getting ready to be snowed in for hours, days, weeks, months!

So I yelled at them to STOP! Just relax, chill out, it’s okay….Super Farmer will be in every ten minutes to check on them during the blizzard!

They settled down and nodded at me in relief!

I gave them my famous lecture on barn etiquette that they’ve heard and ignored 1745.6 times, turned out the light, blew them kisses, closed the door, and before I could take a step, I heard them start up the fight AGAIN, because they have a sixth sense about these sorta things ya know!🦙🫏🐷🐎🐓🐐



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