Remi and the Gator!

Chad showed me a video of an old man that was in a small pond wresting with something under the water.

He quickly pulled up a good sized alligator with a small black and white puppy in its mouth that was still alive and crying! That old man was like super man pulling on that monsters mouth open until it dropped his precious little dog who then ran away! Bravo!!

I looked at Chad with pride and admiration saying, “you’d do that for chippie or even Remi (our oversized, stubborn potbelly pig!)! After all he IS Super Farmer you know!!”

Chad gave me a look and said, “that’s it…no more videos for you!”

I swear the man spends 90% of his time either glaring at me, rolling his eyes, shaking his head in disbelief or sitting there with his mouth open as I go on and on with one of my hair brain ideas that includes work for him but NOT for me!

Then I stopped yammering and thought (oh oh)
“What WOULD Remi do if she was face to face with an alligator?!” Here’s MY version of Remi vs the gator!

Remi is out for a stroll leaving a path of ‘eat everything’ destruction behind her, and I do mean everything that was in front of her vacuum, I mean mouth.

She comes across a pond and spotted yellow eyes peering above the water staring at her. So Remi who is more curious than alley cats, stands at the water’s edge and stares back.
Soon those eyes slowly move toward her…she backs up to get a better look. Then the gator jumps out of the water, mouth open, hissing at her!

Remi lowers her head in her famous ‘I dare you to touch me’ stance and grunts at the gator. They are now face to face, mere inches apart…the gator hissing, Remi grunting…neither one backing up or going forward!

After 15 minutes of ‘ I’m going to eat you’ and ‘I DARE you to try’ staredown, the alligator gives up and slithers back toward the water in defeat. BUT THEN…

Remi rolls forward and bites HARD the tip of the gator’s tail as if to accent the victory won. The gator dives into the water, pulling that big ornery porker right in! Yup, Remi looked like a fishing bobber being pulled along by an oversize catch!

Remi eventually got bored with her pontoon ride, came to shore, and gave out her victory grunt along with a little dance and tail wagging! She then went back to making a path of dirt while rooting, upending once carpeted lush green grass with a smile on her dirty piggy face!

Yep, that’s how I picture Remi’s encounter with the nasty ol gator!

Did my imagination wander a bit from that poor puppy being rescued to a triumphant barnyard hero? Hmmm. 🙃


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