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Rain Rain Go Away!!

Rain = mud…Mud = dirty animals…Dirty animals = unhappy animals…Unhappy animals = a very unhappy me….A very unhappy me = thoughts on how many animals can I get rid of and how soon.

Just as I place my hand on the cell phone to call someone, anyone while standing in a poopy mud puddle, to pick up a grumpy horse or goat or llama (for free), the sunshine returns along with happy thoughts and smiles, as joyful animals prance along side me reminding me why I chose them in the first place!

Mystery at Addie Acres!

Our horses are not only sneaky, but mysterious! Some how Sparky and the Tank got into the middle pen where all the hay is stacked up with out opening a gate! Two already plump horses gorging themselves sick and both gates are closed and locked. The fence is up so they didn’t push it down and it is too high for stubby mini horses to jump over ( I think I would faint if I saw the Tank jump!). So how did they get in there??!! Dunkay was on the outside looking in, his mouth watering and feeling left out! All he could do was stand there while his tummy growled as the two over weight horses feasted on the forbidden food!  Also, the goats can get into any place at anytime and they too were watching ding and dong eat. Another head scratching mystery at Addie Acres!

Staring Goat, confused human! (wrote on jan 27th)

My mountain goat was standing outside in the middle of the pasture staring towards a group of trees, usually she stares at the house and only the house! I get nervous when she is looking at something different. Makes me think something is going on that shouldn’t be! So I struggled into the pink nightmare snow suit and dragged myself into the freezing cold to figure out why is my goat standing on an ice patch in below 0 weather! And what was she staring at?? NOTHING! There wasn’t a thing out of order. She was zoning out again pretending to be high up in the snow capped mountains, free and wild! So there we stood, the two of us. A little black and white goat with a dreamy look on her frosted face and farmer Nancy, standing next to her in the pink Carhart snowsuit with a ‘why me’ look, staring at the swaying trees in the -10 wind chill!

Rooster, 4 hens and 1 cat!

I need to take my camera with me every time I go to the barn. What did I see today at the funny farm you ask with bated breath? My rooster was in the middle of the field pecking at grass and there were 4 hens scattered about that hang with him. A kitty walked up to Mr Tough Guy, which made the rooster nervous because he made this strange loud, drawn out clucking sound. When he did, all four hens came running to him! All five chickens then stood there facing the cat like they were going to have him for dinner instead of the cat having chicken for supper. The kitty was in a pounce position with his tail straight up wagging, his fur puffed out, staring at the lined up birds. I think they were having a show down! The cat soon figured he was out numbered, backed down and slinked away. The rooster and his brood scattered, strutting back to their original spots before the war cry was blasted! I can honestly say, I’ve never seen that before! Weird animals we have!

Is it a plane? Is it bird? It’s a flying (tumbling) chicken!!

Okay this was GREAT! Earlier today one of the hens decided to come out of the chicken coop and poke around. The wind is howling today and have sustained winds of around 30 miles an hour gusting up to 45! She must of strutted out when a gust came barreling through cause it picked her up and taught her how to fly…Kansas style! She ‘flew’ through the cold air for about 20 feet before landing on her head! She picked herself up, did the bird shake and ran back towards the opening when another gust came and did the chicken dance with her again! The winds of OZ wasn’t done with her quite yet….she got up, headed towards the barn when she was knocked over and did a tumble or two. By this time, I was feeling sorry for her and stopped laughing and rescued her from the enemy. She tucked her head under my arm as I battled the wind to get her back to safety. I’m expecting an extra large egg from her later today as payment!!

Super Farmer VS Mr Possum or 4!

yep, Super Farmer and his possums! He sets out traps and catches hens, eggs, various small animals and lots of air! He plotted and schemed! Setting up the sneaky trap under hay bales, behind piles of lumber, on top of the kitty condo, next to a rubber tire (where we found 3 dead bunnies that the possums killed), on top of the straw, behind boxes….you name it he hid the cage there! He caught chickens, bunnies, an egg and lots of teasing from his loving wife! He stalked those possums all winter! He tells the tale of when he walked in the barn one night and caught daddy Poss munching away on their favorite meal…’Meow Mix’ on top of the feline gym! ‘Mr P’ looked up at Super Farmer, blinked a couple of times and purposely fell backwards like he had a heart attack and just died. Chad cashed him yelling out the ‘war cry’ all the way to the wood pile but he got away! That’s when the serious battle began…Super Farmer VS the possum family!! The animals won all winter as the humans grew more frustrated and set up wire traps all over the barn, garage and yard! Then he brought out the big guns….CANNED CAT FOOD! Chad drew a map of the barn trying to figure out where a family of dangerous and out witting possums could hide and what their next move would be! He had canned cat food everywhere, we were buying it by the case! Unfortunately, chickens LOVE turkey giblets as much as possums do! Super Farmer would set a cage with greasy delicious food, put it next to the wood pile only to trap a hen or rooster! The possums ate the chicken food, cat kibbles, goat grain, an occasional bunny, hay and lots of farm fresh eggs! They had access to clean water and got to play a good game of hide and seek with the humans! They loved their cozy home and refused to leave….heck, I think they invited granny, gramps and every cousin within a 10 mile radius to share their warm nesting place complete with flowing non
stop cat food! Chad kept up the brave battle and is now winning! So far in the last month, we have caught 3 possums and 1 sort of died. That’s 4 that out lasted us this winter! We will win!
Super Farmer intelligent human! Possum…he dumb animal!

Special K cereal and 4 cats with 1 hen

Well, it is spring! Why? Because I had my first bowl of cereal on my swing with Chick Chick and FOUR cats! Yep, it was relaxing to fight off a chicken and starving kitties who swiped at the hen, who in turn pecked back at furry faces. The gang then pushed each other away from me along with a few loud meeeeoooowwww’s and a SQUAWK! I ate as fast as I could throwing some Special K flakes in the middle of the squabble so they would leave me alone, which by the way, didn’t work. They turned into sharks circling the milky morsels  then pouncing upon it in a pile of fur and feathers! After the attack, they all looked up at me with squinted eyes demanding in their silence for more….not a few flakes, but the whole bowl! I retreated as fast as I could back to the house with my breakfast held high above my head as the herd of cats ran after me. One kitty ran in front trying to get me to stop as the other 3 sprinted to the back door where they stood like soldiers guarding the entrance, nobody in, nobody out! Chick Chick waited by the swing hoping I would come back and reward her for being good. The cats won. I gave up my cereal and placed it on the porch. It was completely gone within 4.5 seconds. I grudgingly went back to my swing and sat with Chick Chick who was not interested in me anymore now that the food was gone.  She jumped down and strutted away looking for early bugs. The kitties relished in their victory and cuddled in the warm sun, paws and tails wrapped around each other, glancing at me with a satisfied look of ‘yep, we rule, you drool’.

Snow, snow, snow!

I had to go into town for a spell and on the way home, I noticed that not one snow flake was falling in Laporte. BUT….the closer I got to my house off of Waverly Rd, the snow started to lightly fall. By the time I got home, there was an angry snow storm in full swing.  I swear there  is an evil plan to dump snow over our farm just to make me miserable along with cranky animals!! And just for your info (as if you all didn’t know this already) guess who is standing at the gate in all this snow staring at the house??!! Yep, the mountain goat who was fed before I went into town 3 hours ago! Sheesh, you would think her feet would be frozen!