Is it a plane? Is it bird? It’s a flying (tumbling) chicken!!

Okay this was GREAT! Earlier today one of the hens decided to come out of the chicken coop and poke around. The wind is howling today and have sustained winds of around 30 miles an hour gusting up to 45! She must of strutted out when a gust came barreling through cause it picked her up and taught her how to fly…Kansas style! She ‘flew’ through the cold air for about 20 feet before landing on her head! She picked herself up, did the bird shake and ran back towards the opening when another gust came and did the chicken dance with her again! The winds of OZ wasn’t done with her quite yet….she got up, headed towards the barn when she was knocked over and did a tumble or two. By this time, I was feeling sorry for her and stopped laughing and rescued her from the enemy. She tucked her head under my arm as I battled the wind to get her back to safety. I’m expecting an extra large egg from her later today as payment!!

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