Rooster, 4 hens and 1 cat!

I need to take my camera with me every time I go to the barn. What did I see today at the funny farm you ask with bated breath? My rooster was in the middle of the field pecking at grass and there were 4 hens scattered about that hang with him. A kitty walked up to Mr Tough Guy, which made the rooster nervous because he made this strange loud, drawn out clucking sound. When he did, all four hens came running to him! All five chickens then stood there facing the cat like they were going to have him for dinner instead of the cat having chicken for supper. The kitty was in a pounce position with his tail straight up wagging, his fur puffed out, staring at the lined up birds. I think they were having a show down! The cat soon figured he was out numbered, backed down and slinked away. The rooster and his brood scattered, strutting back to their original spots before the war cry was blasted! I can honestly say, I’ve never seen that before! Weird animals we have!

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