Staring Goat, confused human! (wrote on jan 27th)

My mountain goat was standing outside in the middle of the pasture staring towards a group of trees, usually she stares at the house and only the house! I get nervous when she is looking at something different. Makes me think something is going on that shouldn’t be! So I struggled into the pink nightmare snow suit and dragged myself into the freezing cold to figure out why is my goat standing on an ice patch in below 0 weather! And what was she staring at?? NOTHING! There wasn’t a thing out of order. She was zoning out again pretending to be high up in the snow capped mountains, free and wild! So there we stood, the two of us. A little black and white goat with a dreamy look on her frosted face and farmer Nancy, standing next to her in the pink Carhart snowsuit with a ‘why me’ look, staring at the swaying trees in the -10 wind chill!

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