Life Cereal? Llama Burrs? What do they have in common??

Oh my gosh…the 1970s Life Cereal commercial was just played out in the back pasture!!

Scene… 4 llamas munching away, all of them are filled with burrs. Chad and I standing there, hands rubbing our chins trying to figure out the best way to remove burrs from 200 pound animals.

Me: “we need to try to get those burrs off of them”
Chad: “well, I’m not going to try it”
Me: “I’m not trying it”, as I push Lincoln our Alpaca towards him
Chad: “I said, I’m not trying it”, as he pushes him back towards me
Me: “I know, let’s get kyle to do it! He’s right over there”, as I push Lincoln back towards Chad.
We both turn around and yell at Kyle….”hey Kyle, wanna pick burrs off the llamas”??  He looks at us, glances at the llamas filled with prickly plants, then responds, “sure, I’ll try it”!!

Ps, kyle got 1/2 a burr off of Sammie then quit. He stomped away as he mumbled something about ‘not being our amusement for the day’, as we tried to hide our face while giggling!


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