Love Struck Alpaca!

I was outside getting into my mothers car for a trip to MC when I noticed the neighbors down the street a bit, along with their contractors who have been working on their house, were all standing in the front yard looking in my direction. I have learned from past stares, squealing of brakes, and laughter, that something is up with my animals. So I turned around to scour the landscape for anything out of ordinary. I found the show….Lincoln our alpaca was having a ‘date’ with our horse Laci who as always, seems bored when he is ‘dating’ her. I ordered them to stop…’him’…to stop!!  Heck I even threw rocks to startle the love struck alpaca. He ignored me of course and went along as if they were the only two love birds in the world. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the car when the crowd across the street started to clap and woot! I guess he was finished, I know I was!  I didn’t even bother to turn around. I noticed my 81 year old mother was standing next to the gate, her hand covering an open mouth, eyes wide as she watched the unnatural show in apparent shock. I gently turned her away from the horror show, guided her into the car, convincing her that it’s okay for an alpaca and horse to ‘date’!


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