Back pasture…forbidden!

Well my animals found their way into every place they were not suppose to be in today! Dunkay pushed open the back gate and the natives galloped full speed into the forbidden pasture, you know, the one we had closed up for the last month so the grass would grow tall and thick for the winter. By the time I got out there, both horses and the goats had joined him and were munching away. I tried to herd them back through the gate, yeah right! They were determined to not go back where they belong and they didn’t. I found myself going in circles so I gave up, giving every naughty out there the ‘evil eye’. In the barn, I found that most of the cluckers had escaped and were now in the middle pen. Sparky found her way inside the chicken coop and all three dogs followed me in to the pasture and decided to play ‘chicken’ with the hens who were trying to protect the chicks. Oh well, at least they weren’t putting on an XX show for the neighbors! Who knows what they did while I was gone! Sheesh!

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