Walking with animals Nov 1

I swear I’m going to install cameras all around the farm cause you’ve got to see this stuff in order to believe it!. I go out to the field to figure out why these 2 ding-bat horses and a donkey are running as fast as they can from one field to the other. It’s not like they ‘play,they don’t even like each other! All of the large animals (not the goats, it’s too wet for them) are standing in one corner along the back fence. Just standing there looking confused which makes me feel the same way! So I walk the fence to make sure there are no open spots that they can wiggle under.  Doing my fence inspection, I have on one side of me, 2 goats and on the other, Dunkay…in step, walking with me all around the fields and along the fence.  Just me and my goats and donkey. Walking, the 4 of us…together…in step… I still don’t know how they do that! 

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