A visit from the sheriff Oct 30th

So I’m sitting at my computer working on eBay when I hear a knock at the door.  I go down and there is a Sheriff standing there…never a good sign.  I open the door and the first thing he ask is, ‘do you own a donkey’?   Oh no….a loose donkey?  Where is Sparky and the Tank?? I quickly scan the field and start a head count…one, two, three…where’s Sparky? Heart drop!  He tells me there is a donkey running down the road, all gray, whew….mine is spotted.  I still don’t see Sparky and I ask him are you sure it’s a donkey and not a horse?  He assures me it’s a donkey.  Another look in the field and Sparky comes into sight…double whew! I don’t see Lincoln so I ask him another stupid question (like the poor guy doesn’t know) are you sure it’s not an Alpaca…he’s all brown and stands this tall (my hand up to the top of my head)…he rolls his eyes saying he can tell a donkey from an Alpaca….I look to make sure his hand isn’t on the gun with this crazy lady asking him if he knows the difference between donkey’s, horses and Llamas’! All I know is that somebody else is chasing a large animal down the road and it is NOT one of ours!  I am however, going to walk the fence just to make sure they don’t get any bright ideals in case they see a cousin running past our house!!!

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