Staring animlas

12:30 at night here and the Llama’s are doing their warning call.  I go outside on the back porch to see what’s going on and they are staring out into the back pasture.  Both goats are outside not moving a muscle, almost like statues, they won’t turn to look at me.  I don’t know if a coyote is out there or what.  I’ve never seen the goats not move when I come out. Usually they are in bed for the night at this late hour, after all, they need to rest so they can have enough strength to harass me for food.  I woke Chad up and told him something weird is going on, the Llamas & Alpaca are doing their alarm call…so he ask me, “did you go out to the barn”? Heck no!  I’m not gonna get attacked by a coyote!  You go out there, your the man, our protector!  Did he go? Nooooooo…he said, “I’m sure they’re okay” and shuts his eyes! I hope those Llama’s do what God created them to do…protect the flock! Of course, it could be that escaped donkey or pony or whatever it was earlier that ran down the road.

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