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Flying into the barn!

Such fun!  Yesterday I had the adventure of going to the barn by boat!  Today with 40 mile an hour sustained winds that are gusting up 50+, I will be strapping an old yellow bed sheet (with delicate blue pansies) to my body, do my baseball catchers crouch (in pink) and let the wind push me over the ice, sail off the melting snow mountain and glide into the barn!  Hopefully I won’t land on Dunkay or the goats! The return trip to the house will be tricky since I will be going into the wind. I wonder if the carrot hanging in front of a donkey really works! I could hang one over Dunkays head, grab his tail, point him towards the house and let him pull me! So how do you get him back to barn you ask? Not sure, still working on that one. Where is SUPER FARMER!!!????

Snow Melting means Boat!!

Oh goodie! Today it is 50 degrees with a 24 hour down pour rain on top of 40″ snow drifts melting onto frozen ground!  That means instead of struggling to get to the barn with a shovel, I now have to go by canoe! All that water will be seeping into the barn turning it into a puddle of poopy straw as my miserable cold, wet  animals plead with me to make it dry and cozy again!  They will more and likely demand extra treats because mommy can’t fix the problem without our SUPER FARMER daddy! The only happy animals on the farm today will be the quackers, who for once will not be squawking at me in protest about the other animals ‘touching’ them!  They will be outside paddling in all the deep ponds on the property that weren’t there yesterday. They will be happy as a Lark, even though they are ducks…just how happy are Larks anyway???

My Cat & the Possum

I went to the barn tonight to feed my starving animals (I could feel their eyes staring at the house in the dark) and I looked over at my kitty condo tree that is about 5 feet tall where I feed my kitties.  I put their food up there so the chickens don’t eat it.  Of course it doesn’t work, they always find the cat kibbles, the goat grain and all llama munchies…if there’s food anywhere within 10 miles, those chickens will find it!  Any who….I looked over at the cat dish to see if it needs filling up from hungry hens and I notice a furry animal with its back to me, head buried deep in the yummy kitty nibbles. My first thought is…what is wrong with that cats fur, it shiny and gray? I don’t remember it being so …’different’.  I go over to see the “kitty” and he turns around to glare at me with beady little eyes and a not-so-cute hiss!  It’s a possum!! WHAT??!! My boy kitty is sitting up there with him like they are buddies or something! It’s a young possum and he was kinda cute, squinted eyes and all! He just sat there, with my cat looking at me, daring me to chase him away. I loudly say to boy kitty, “come on! This is why I hired you!  To keep the riff raff away! Now do your job!!”  He yawned! Really?  Yawned?? I rolled my eyes and left. Leaving my boy kitty and his new bud sitting on top of the cat condo sharing a nice dinner.  Oh brother! @_@

Honestly…after I figured out it was a possum and not a cat, I stood there scratching my head cause our boy kitty was sitting up there with him…after a greeting hiss, mr possum hung his furry head off the side with an open mouth, making his body go limp…like it was dead or something. That’s when I was trying to process it in my brain. Stupid thing just laid there for a few minutes until he figured I wasn’t going to hit him (it was really funny!). He slowly raised himself from the dead and started to eat with my cat. I tried so hard to get a picture!