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3 llamas and 1 alpaca


Ah the joy of winter…lots of snow with high winds that make the below freezing weather feel like the North Pole on a warm day! Then there is the morn, afternoon and evening ritual. I put on my pink Carhart jacket with matching pants, hat and gloves, pink rubber boots that go up to my knees with the little brown horse’s on them, a scarf to wrap around my face 4 times and a prayer on my lips. I fight my way to the barn as the biting wind slams tiny ice particles onto my exposed face I couldn’t cover. On the way to the barn I repeat to myself, “I love these animals, they are worth the effort, it’s good exercise”. I then proceed to push a horse or a donkey (usually both) away from the barn door so I can get in without slipping on the ice. My favorite word is now being heard by all…”NO” or “stop it”.  The animals are now circling the feed bag, some grunting, some stomping and a few nips at each other! Then there is little ol  me, in the middle trying to formulate an escape plan in case they go to war. I hand out food rations which is never enough, I sneak to the hay bale before Dunkay gets there and throw little piles of hay everywhere so they all think they have their own food that nobody else can see! I let out a huge sigh of relief because I just survived another feeding. Now it’s time for the chickens and the black bunny who lives with them, helping to keep the eggs warm. And the ducks? They are in the yard quacking making hundreds of snow trails from the back porch to their shelter waiting for me to fight my way to them,unhappy because I didn’t feed them first.

Staring animlas

12:30 at night here and the Llama’s are doing their warning call.  I go outside on the back porch to see what’s going on and they are staring out into the back pasture.  Both goats are outside not moving a muscle, almost like statues, they won’t turn to look at me.  I don’t know if a coyote is out there or what.  I’ve never seen the goats not move when I come out. Usually they are in bed for the night at this late hour, after all, they need to rest so they can have enough strength to harass me for food.  I woke Chad up and told him something weird is going on, the Llamas & Alpaca are doing their alarm call…so he ask me, “did you go out to the barn”? Heck no!  I’m not gonna get attacked by a coyote!  You go out there, your the man, our protector!  Did he go? Nooooooo…he said, “I’m sure they’re okay” and shuts his eyes! I hope those Llama’s do what God created them to do…protect the flock! Of course, it could be that escaped donkey or pony or whatever it was earlier that ran down the road.

A visit from the sheriff Oct 30th

So I’m sitting at my computer working on eBay when I hear a knock at the door.  I go down and there is a Sheriff standing there…never a good sign.  I open the door and the first thing he ask is, ‘do you own a donkey’?   Oh no….a loose donkey?  Where is Sparky and the Tank?? I quickly scan the field and start a head count…one, two, three…where’s Sparky? Heart drop!  He tells me there is a donkey running down the road, all gray, whew….mine is spotted.  I still don’t see Sparky and I ask him are you sure it’s a donkey and not a horse?  He assures me it’s a donkey.  Another look in the field and Sparky comes into sight…double whew! I don’t see Lincoln so I ask him another stupid question (like the poor guy doesn’t know) are you sure it’s not an Alpaca…he’s all brown and stands this tall (my hand up to the top of my head)…he rolls his eyes saying he can tell a donkey from an Alpaca….I look to make sure his hand isn’t on the gun with this crazy lady asking him if he knows the difference between donkey’s, horses and Llamas’! All I know is that somebody else is chasing a large animal down the road and it is NOT one of ours!  I am however, going to walk the fence just to make sure they don’t get any bright ideals in case they see a cousin running past our house!!!

The escaped horses!!

So what’s new in the farm life you ask??? Well, let me tell ya! I was making the bed when the dogs started to go crazy barking and running in circles. I could hear multiple car horns honking in front of my house…my Farmer Nancy instinct screams, “OH NO” and I quickly look out the arched window just in time to see Sparky our white horse running down the street with 3 ladies chasing her! Following close behind them is Lacie the fat brown horse! I run downstairs, put on my now running shoes and out the door I go! I run to the gate as the horses are now galloping full speed along the outside of our fence. I have a brave lady running after them and 2 more ladies standing in my driveway, a look of amusement mixed with , ‘man it sucks to be you right now’ on their faces. I ask a smiling lady to please watch my gate so the Llamas won’t join the escapees in the ‘free-for-all….Dunkay was running back and forth in the field following the horses while the Llamas were at the gate stomping their feet waiting for their chance at freedom! Oh woe is me! I sprint from one end of the field to the other as the horses kept changing direction. A brave neighbor was chasing them, frantically waving her arms at the horses who were ignoring her at the opposite side of the pasture from were I was! I grabbed a cup full of grain on my way to the other field as the horses were still doing the zig-zag dance. Oh but the tasty goat food is always too much for Sparky, she will follow it anywhere at anytime, she gave up her freedom for a handful of food and Lacie, well she followed Sparky cause that’s what she does! I realized something today…I’m too fricken OLD to be running with horses and keeping my dignity in front of ladies who I don’t know!