Fun With Mother!

Fun with Mother

It was Mother Marathon day and boy was I busy with mother!

She had a test at the hospital that not only took 200 hours, but after I got her in the Jeep, the wheel chair that we were using to make her life easier (and my muscles stronger) decided to take off on its own because somebody didn’t have the brake on.

Yep, Nancy chased an empty wheelchair down the parking lot demanding it to stop as it weaved itself through rows of cars just to irritate me! Do you know how embarrassing it is to run past people chasing a wheelchair shaking my fist at it?

Anyhoo…after my chair race, I took mother to Walmart where she found her favorite pre-made turkey sandwiches and grabbed every single one (21…22…23…). I pointed my finger at mother, ordering her to put some back, no hogging the food!

She stood there glaring at me with her arms holding more sandwiches than she can eat in a month and half, growled at me that if I touched HER sandwiches, she would cut me out of her Will…and not talk to me for years! I must admit, I was tempted to grab a sandwich or two just to see what she’d do, but no, I’m a good daughter and told her to drop her goodies in the basket before the manager came out to lecture her about saving food for others who also like their homemade turkey sandwiches!

Then, with her many, many, many, many oven roasted turkey sandwiches in tow, we were off to Krogers. On arrival, a nice employee saw us slowly, and I do mean slowly, walking through the rain up to the entrance. She took pity on us and met us on the sidewalk with a scooter so mother could be a motorcycle mama!

Mother huffed and puffed and refused to get on the contraption that is made for OLD people (she will be 88 in less than two weeks). The nice lady and I sweet talked her into giving it a try (she has been on one before, and didn’t like it). We showed her how to control it and let the woman go!

3-2-1…and she was off! It was super busy in the store, more people than I could count and it seems like they were all shopping by the door, so mother decided to be a rebel and go into the store through the exit. Every self check out machine was in use which included a line of filled baskets that need to be checked out that snaked through half the store! Mother saw all those people and gunned it…sorta.

Those folks saw her coming and I swear it was like watching Moses part the Red Sea. People big and small, stepped or jumped to the side to let her through. I was impressed! We got through the whole store without knocking down any displays or people!

The only problem during the visit was at the end as mother got the dang scooter stuck on the curb. Yep, that’s right…the curb! The back wheels were half on the sidewalk and half on the street! Mother gunned it again, but only the wheels would spin. So me, being the good daughter that I am, had to push the dang thing off the curb without tipping it and mother over…in the rain! Pretty standard really.


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