Doo Doo?

Fun with mother.

I learned today that mother is a doo-doo person! Huh you ask?

Well, most people when they get irritated, mad, annoyed or super frustrated, will accidentally let a dirty word slip out…you know, things like ‘poop’ ‘s#@!’ ‘Crap’.
Not my mommy! She let it rip today with a loud angry DOO-DOO!

Yep…doo-doo! 😁

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t take her seriously after hearing that horrible swear word come out of her innocent little old lady mouth!

I looked at her as a tiny giggle escaped my non stop suprised smile and said, “really mom? Doo-doo?”

She straightened out her jacket, held her head high and reminded me as she shook her cane towards me, that I’m not big to put over her knee!

addieacres #funwithmother


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