Pigs like fish!

I learned something new today. Pigs like fish.
Yep, that’s right…fish! Eyeballs, fins, scales…the whole thing!

I had a bag of tiny fish, I believe they were smelt. We don’t eat a lot of tiny fishies, so I thought I would give all those birds (chickens) outnumbering us 10 to 1 a real treat! What bird doesn’t like fish? Well, I guess mine don’t!

I threw that bag of fish, eyeballs and all, onto the ground and yelled, “Come and get it!!” They all know when they hear mom yelling, that food is on the ground or flying through the air to feed them.

Every animal and bird in the pasture and barn, including a few critters I’m sure don’t live here, came galloping, flapping, and waddling to me to see what yummy new treat I threw on the ground!

However, they all came to a dead stop, sniffed the scaley things on the ground looking at them with disgust. They looked at each other, back to the smelly fish, looked at me with anger in their eyes for tricking them, turned on their hooves or webbed feet and waddled, flapped and galloped away…except for who?

That’s right, Remi the garbage disposal, I mean pig! She looked at each one of those tiny, slimy, yucky things with a glee in her beady eyes, looked up to heaven as if to thank God for such a wonderful blessing. Then, she got her vacuum going!

She sucked up every one of those fish within 6.4 seconds. That pig licked her chops afterwards, winked at me as if saying, ‘You did good mom, I’m expecting more tomorrow’. Then, she waddled away with her tail wagging.

Yep, that was one happy pig! 🐖 🐷 🐽


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