chihuahua chases the rooster!

Oh my gosh, this was so funny! Of course these dingbats never do this stuff when I’m filming!

I was throwing the ducks, chickens and both dogs pieces of chicken (yes, there’s something sick, yet intriguing to feed chickens chicken!)
when Chippie finally got a piece close enough to grab.

BUT, as soon as Chippie picked it up, one of the roosters standing next to him, grabbed the meat right out of his mouth! Hahaha haha! 🐔

That’s not the best part! That rooster took off running with Chippie chasing him to get his tiny piece of food back. Of course there wasn’t anywhere for the rooster to run and hide under, so they ran around and around the Jeep! A large rooster with a big piece of meat hanging out of his beak being chased by a tiny growling chihuahua!

I’m not sure who got it because they were on the other side of the Jeep when I heard a bark, squawk, sounds of a scuffle a couple of feathers flying up into the air. Honestly, I think Biscuit got it because he came from around the car licking his chops! 🐕


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