Saying goodby to the Caddy

My mother had to give up her beloved Caddy today. It was too much to fix beyond what the insurance company was willing to pay.

So, we sold it to the salvage yard.

As my mother tearfully reminisced about her 20 year old car ‘baby’ to the patiently listening man, I went out to the Caddy and sat inside for a moment. I started to cry as my own memories of this much loved car came out of my heart.

I ran my hand along the dash board taking in its familiar smell, remembering how I used to laugh with my mom inside this car and the last time I let her drive me anywhere in it.

I could see 9 year old Kyle buckled in the back seat waving at me as grandpa and grandma drove away, taking him home with them for a weekend of fun.

I cried.

I thanked God for blessing my mom with this car for so many years. I thanked Him for the memories I share with my mom going to garage sales, carting the grandkids around, filling the back seat with groceries.

I know it’s just a car, but ‘Charlotte’ was part of our family and we loved her.

When I was finished thanking God while slowly walking down memory lane with cherry red Charlotte, I got mother into the Jeep to leave.
I asked her if she wanted to say goodbye to her baby. She said that she just couldn’t, please drive away. She wouldn’t even look back.

I understood.

Mom and I both cried together when we left. For me, it’s a part of my life with my mom, my children when they were young.

For my mom…it was last thing my dad bought for her when they had money, it was her independence, it was something she cherished.

As we parted ways with her beloved Caddy, a big part of mom’s heart remained in the parking lot. We sat at Clear lake and cried a little more.
God has a plan. He will take this heartbreak, turning it into something wonderful just for her.

God makes all things new and ‘uses it all’. He knows why the Caddy had to go. In the meantime, I am now her taxi cab for everything…a job I am honored and blessed to do! 🚗 💔🙏


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