Car stickers and goats

Note to self…never attempt to put on a car license plate sticker with a goat nearby.

Yes, that’s right, I thought I’d better get my 2022 sticker on my license plate before Chad gets in trouble for not doing it. So, I went to my Jeep with the sticker still stuck on the registration paper to put it on.

As soon as I took that extremely sticky sticker off, goat Cocoa Latte came running up and put his little goat mouth on it thinking it was a tasty treat just for him! Yep, you guessed it, I played tug and war with a goat and the tiny orange sticker proving that I paid for my plates!

Fortunately, he didn’t eat it and I got it out of his mouth with little damage. I scolded him, pushed him away and tried to put it on the plate…key word…tried! That goofy goat head butted my hand just as I put it on my personalized plate causing it to be crooked. And, believe me, once those stickers are on, they ain’t never coming off. Grrrrr!

I stood there looking at my pitiful attempt, getting mad that my sticker was obviously sideways and featured goat saliva stains. But wait, there’s more, then he grabbed the registration out of my hand and ran towards goat friend Oreo to share the paper treat.

Yep, you again guessed correctly, Nancy ran after that dingbat goat before my Jeep registration became an afternoon snack for two naughty goats. Once again I played tug of war with a goat as the other one chewed on my coat.

What a sight that must have been! A wacky farmer lady tugging with a goat yelling at him as she pushed the other one away while it was eating her coat!

Why me?! Where’s Super Farmer (and his chewable coat) when you need him?! 🤔


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