Goats and buyers!

This was funny.

I sold something on a Facebook garage sale site and the guy came to pick it up. When he got here, I told him to stay behind the fence and that I would bring it to him because my goats where out in the yard and they’re worse than dogs when it comes to jumping up on people. In fact, they like to circle folks like a spinning top. I can’t walk to the barn with out those two dingbats acting like a merry-go-round as I push them them away from from me!

Anyhoo….I saw him pull up so I quickly grabbed his new treasure, slightly opened the door, peeked out to see where dip and dap were, and saw no animals anywhere (which always worries me…did they escape? Are they dead in the barn? Did aliens beam them up?). So I snuck out to meet the young man patiently waiting for me behind the fence when, out of nowhere, I see these two blobs of fur running towards me!

Now I’m running to the gate as these darn goats chase me. That poor guy, he was probably wondering if he should just run himself back to the car and get the heck outta there before this crazy lady carrying a large painting, running towards him with two goats loudly baaaaa’ing galloping behind her, crashed on him!

I got to the fence the same time the dingbats did, handed the shocked guy his prize as both goats stood beside me, one one each side with their front legs on the fence standing up straight. He took his painting, handed me the money as he looked at Cocoa Latte beside me (I had my arm around him like a dog) and I said to him, “darn goats, they’re worse than dogs!”
The nice man nodded with a half grin look of unbelief and walked backwards to his car to make sure nothing attempted to follow him from the funny farm!


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