Today was Mother Marathon day, which is always an adventure. Today was no exception. And what fun things happened you ask? Well, mother managed to get her hand stuck in her pocket. Yes, you read right, her hand was stuck…in…her…pocket!

I was standing in the store mesmerized by colorful flashing neon words promising renewed strength, extra energy, and sure to make me feel like I could climb a mountain, scale a wall or maybe run a 2000 mile marathon without stopping, when mother came up and tried to whisper the latest “something important” in my ear.

Of course, I couldn’t hear her and asked her to speak up. Mother loudly said that her hand was stuck in her pocket! I blinked a couple of times, scratched my head, squinted my eyes at her and said, “Say what?!”

She cupped her mouth with her free hand and said, “My hand…it’s stuck in my pocket!” Again, I looked her up and down suspiciously and said, “come again?!” She hit me in the arm and pointed with her free hand to her other hand that was, yes that’s right, stuck in her pocket!

I automatically rolled my eyes like I do when I’m in the barn scolding llamas, and let out a big sigh. Then, grabbed her stuck hand and pulled! By gosh, it wouldn’t come out!

Now I’m looking around for Allen Funt to come out from behind the medicine aisle and shout, “SMILE! YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA!” When that didn’t happen, I paused for Twilight Zone music to fill the store! Nope, nothing happened, it was real! Mother’s hand was stuck in her pocket!

So I glared at her and asked, “What did you do?”
She glared back and said, “Nothing, I just reached into my pocket to get a Hall’s cough drop because my mouth is dry, and my hand wouldn’t come out!”

With increasing resolve, I grabbed her hand and pulled. STUCK!

There we were, at an impasse in the middle of Walmart, me pulling on an elderly lady’s arm as she wailed out, “OUCH, NOT SO HARD, STOP YOU’RE HURTING ME!” I expected the police to come around the corner any moment, with guns drawn, to arrest me for elder abuse!

Finally, after a few more pulls, my mother’s hand magically slipped out with ease.
I looked at her, she looked at me, we both looked at her free hand, laughed and went on our merry way!

Only us. 🙃


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