Searching with Mother!

My mini mother marathon yesterday turned into another search party!

All I was suppose to do was take her to the bank…simple, fast, easy. Riiiiight!

Mother lost her garage door opener! Yep. She put it on her car trunk with her many magazines that she believes I want to read after she’s done with them and when we were finally ready to leave, was it there?


Mother insisted that she left the not so small garage door opener on the 16″ pile of magazines on her trunk. I put my hand up to my forehead and shook my head in my famous ‘here we go again’ shake!

A new search has begun. Just 10 days ago Chad and I spent hours, maybe days looking for mother’s teeth that she put on the pillow next to her head for safe keeping. Every other week, I’m helping Mother to locate her mail box key that she was sure she had in her hand 30 seconds before I got there!

I probably should invest in a hard hat with a flashlight attached to it, knee pads and a long stick that can grab ahold of anything hiding under dressers, beds, lazyboy chairs and behind toilets (yep, eeewww).

Mother and I looked under, behind, between, into, around and around until I got dizzy. We went through the trash, pushed aside rocks outside and inside the freezer. Did we find it?
No we did not!

Finally, after an hour of forcing my arthritis to flare up in joints and muscles I never knew existed, I took a picture of her garage door machine with the model number and informed my mother who was half buried in the trash can that I was going to order two brand new ones on Amazon tonight. No more searching! (my body can’t take it)

Thank goodness it wasn’t her teeth again, I draw the line at ordering dentures from Amazon!

Sheesh. 👵💖💡


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