How to overcome boredom in the barn

Yep, I saw this yesterday at Walmart and thought to myself, ‘oh my gosh! I gotta have this for the barn!’The barn you ask? Yes…the barn!

We could hang it just inches from Dunkay and the llama’s heads providing hours of fun for bored animals that are crammed inside the barn all winter with nothing to do but annoy each other due to boredom! Instead of pushing each other out of the warm spot, they could have hours of fun looking up at Santa wondering why in the heck a fat guy is floating around, who is that present for with the teddy bear that looks like its about to fall out, and what sweet goodies are hidden inside?

Dunkay will be fascinated with the pretty colors, after all, the only colors in the barn are browns and green (he loves green, the color of hay!) mixed with black. I can picture the donkey going in circles under Santa with a puzzled look on his fuzzy face trying to come up with ways to get up there and see what’s in that box with the red ribbon all the while wondering if that teddy bear cuddles? After all, he’s always wanted a bear to cuddle up with at bedtime!

I can also imangine that the llamas would be interested in it for about 24.2 seconds. They are smarter than the average bear…quickly figuring out that this Santa is not the one who will be bringing them presents in 3 short weeks. So they will stare at it, glance at each other in a ‘you got to be kidding’ look, spit at it for a reaction, and when they don’t get one, trot back to the warm spot and start up the argument of who gets to stand in it first.

Once settled, mini-pig Remi will watch indifferently as Dunkay persists and starts jumping up and down under the inflatable to make Santa move from to side…so let the games begin!

Yep, I gotta get one for the barn! Hopefully tom Turkey BOB won’t see jolly St. Nick as yet another intruder on his turf and fly up to rip it open!



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