Fun with Mother in Al’s

Well, it was my M.M. (mother marathon) day.
As always, it was an adventure mixed with comedy, unbelief, and ‘only us’.

Mother had to go to Al’s. Not the one in LP! Noooooooo….she absolutely had to go to the one in MC! Of course, she didnt tell me this until we were within one block of the Al’s here.
So, I turned the Jeep around and headed for Michigan City grumbling under my breath. Mother yip yapped about old lady things all the way there…things that scare me and that I don’t want to hear about!

We got to the Michigan City Al’s and got in with no problem. We santized her cart, readjusted her mask, lectured her about social distancing and let her go! She took off at turtle speed and weaved herself around people keeping her required space between them and her. I took off in the opposite direction to find things I didn’t need.

After a couple of days or hours, maybe minutes…I found her in the dairy aisle. I passed her going the opposite direction…we nodded at each other and kept our distance. I needed to turn around and went back down the aisle in the opposite direction. Mother had to turn around too, and we passed each other again on the opposite side. But, again…I had to turn around, I did, only to find Mother coming at me again!

We stopped in the middle across from each other where Mother accused me of spying on her to make sure her mask was on. I assured her that I just needed to turn around to find my items…three times. So I asked her why SHE was going up and down the same aisle? She couldn’t remember.

Then, I’m not kidding, she got her finger stuck in a little loop in the seat by the handle! Really? First she loses her teeth earlier this week and now her finger is stuck in a tiny hole on the cart? Mother is working and working trying to unstuck her finger! I’m rolling my eyes and she’s getting mad as her mask goes in and out with her angry breathing!

I kept expecting to hear on the intercom, “Security, there are two wacky ladies lost in aisle 5 and one seems to be stuck on her cart!” Only to hear someone respond, “I see them Bob, I’m video taping them for evidence of why I need a raise!”


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