Animals Working it Out!

Someone told me about how, back in the day when they were a teacher in an elementary school, she disciplined kids who fought on the playground by making them walk around holding hands. Then the teacher and two kids would eat lunch together to help them see each other’s differences.

Well I thought about this quite a bit wondering if I could get Dunkay and Remi to become BFF’s by making them hang out together more.
Yep, a donkey and fat potbelly pig forced to sit with each other and eat lunch then walk the pasture side by side.

This is how I imagined it would go!

I went out to feed the dingbats and who did I find in the barn next to the hay mound squabbling again? Yep, Dunkay and Remi! I had had enough of those two acting like wild animals and threw my cup of tasty goat grain down. I marched over to the two cry babies who were wailing out their complaints to me and demanded that they “sit down!”

They sorta glanced at each other snickering when I stomped my foot letting them both know that llama mama wasn’t messing around. The pig and donkey quickly plopped down on their hind haunches and looked up at mommy with her glaring eyes, smoke coming from her ears and tapping foot.

I proceeded with my famous speech about barn etiquette, being nice to the other animal’s who share their space, how God sees all, setting an example for the younger animals and most of all, how life will be easier for them if I’m not angry all the time! I can see them nod their heads in agreement making me ease up on my threats of no grain for a year and sleeping with the chickens for punishment.

Then, I pointed to the door telling them to walk to the pasture and talk about how they can get along better. Remi and Dunkay grudgingly trotted (well, Remi swayed!) out the door to go to the back pasture in peace. I smiled at my accomplishment, picked up my now empty duck grain cup and went about my barn duties when I heard Dunkay loudly hee haw, the pig grunt and a late-to-the-party alpaca scream!

I ran out to the back pasture to find that they became BFF’s alright…only to find them terrorizing the llamas and had poor Lincoln cornered to tease him! They figured if they had to be best buds, might as well have fun by making the other animals cower at the sight of a menacing dynamic duo together.

I can’t win. 🐷


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