Mother in the Parking Lot!

Fun With Mother

I had my M.M. (Mother Marathon) Day on Wednesday and I have to admit, it went pretty well! I only lost her one time in the parking lot. I know, you’re probably wondering ‘how do you lose a little old lady who walks slower than a snail in a parking lot directly from the door?’

Well, apparently it’s not hard at all. She got herself out the door and headed for a basket just a few feet away. I got out of my Jeep, went around to her side and she’s not there. Huh?! It took me less than 10 seconds to get out the Jeep and walk around to where she was supposed to be!

I stood there for a minute scratching my head thinking all kinds of crazy things like, ‘Oh my gosh, Scotty beamed her up! A van pulled up and 6 burly men jumped out, pushed her in the rusty old van as they ducked her cane coming down on their heads. Then, sped down the lane onto the highway and are in Michigan already! There’s an invisible sink hole and she’s under ground! She was never really with me!!’

As I stood there fighting with my over active imagination, she came up behind me and purposely bumped me with the cart demanded to know why I am just standing there looking confused? I asked her where she went and Mother gleefully held up a coupon. She saw it sitting on the ground just 3 cars from ours, so she bolted to retrieve it before someone else saw it!

Mother got a new coupon and I felt relieved that she wasn’t going be sued by 6 burly men because she hit them in the head with her cane resulting in a crashed van!

All is well!!


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