Not only is this embrassing but it is so us!

We were going down 150N when we noticed a garage sale about 4 blocks from the farm in one of the subdivisions. Of course we drove past with our normal banter of…
‘There’s a garage sale!’
I saw it
Well don’t you want to go?
The garage sale we just drove past!!
There’s a sale?
Just turn around so we can go (slaps arm)’

So we turned around in the hardest driveway there is and headed back.
We passed it.
Another slap to his arm and he finds the second most difficult driveway to back out of, and away we go!
The banter continues and what does HE do? Yep…passed it!
We went up and down a 3 block stretch of road 4 times!!!

I’m sure if there were folks sitting on their porch, they called everyone they knew saying things like, ‘yep those wacky llama farmers are at it again! They’re lost on their own road! Heck I can see their farm from here!
And those llamas of theirs are upset cause they can see them driving around!! ‘


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