Delivery day!!

True Story.

The delivery guy from Christo’s came up to the front door to drop off a blessing of creamy vegetable soup and cheesecake from someone. When I opened the door, he was acting a bit nervous.

He said he thought the llamas were mad that he was there because they were all lined up at the gate staring at him as he entered and walked past them. Yep, they were and so were BOB and Remi who I’m sure smelled the food before he even got out of the car. Apparently, he has never seen a real llama up close in a yard chilling.

As soon as I started to talk in my obviously sick voice and sounding like an alien from Mars, his eyes got wide, took a step back, handing me the sack in horror! I told him not to worry, I don’t have COVID-19, just Strep Throat (like identifying the highly contagious, painful virus would make him feel better?!).
I continued to carefully tell him not to worry about the llamas, they’re just curious about him, wondering if he has food for them.

Well, the poor guy had food and he’s trying to back away from me AND keep an eye on those llamas at the same time! I think I saw him do the sign of the Cross before he ran, not walked, RAN out the gate and sped down the driveway!

We can now add Christo’s to our long list of delivery people who play the rock-scissors-paper game to see who gets to walk up to our front door and hopefully live to tell about it when our address pops up on the screen! So much fun watching usually confident delivery folks come undone at the sight of guard llamas!!

Postscript. Turns out today was a twofer as the Amazon delivery guy got halfway in the yard and heard my raspy voice from the doorway, observed the llamas then bolted in like fashion. 😁


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