Pushing Past Llamas

You know you live a strange life when you go out early in the morning to feed goats and have to push llamas away from the back door that are staring at you through the window! Because I had a full cup of the tasty goat grain in my hand (hidden under my red puppy dog robe to fake them out) they followed me to the goat pen, stood behind me watching me dump the yummy nummies to the little baaaaaing mouths. They stampede back onto the porch before I could even turn around, hoping to be the first one in line to follow me inside the house!

I had to squeeze past 3 llamas, one alpaca, and a rooster, who by the way never, ever shuts up, that were crammed in one tiny area by the door to get in. After pushing smelly fur bodies, yelling out my famous unnatural crazy farm lady yodal to scare the dingbats off my porch (which never works), I made it back inside along with a cat I didn’t know was out there. I quickly turned around inside my house as 4 large animals were trying to stick their heads inside, and loudly told them “Sorry! NO llamas in the house today! Now go in the yard and eat, play, gallop, anything but hang on my porch!”

I smiled as I closed my door in victory, then thought to myself…’who in the heck besides me scold llamas telling them they can’t come inside the house today??!!’

Really Nancy? Think about this for a moment. Not only do I have llamas hanging out on both porches, stare at me through open doors and windows, but they come inside the house to eat! Normal folks let their dogs and cats come inside their house to munch…me…I open the door to let 3 llamas and an alpaca line up to take turns coming inside to eat sweet goat grain that doesn’t belong to them!

Good morning world! My day begins!


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