Delivery Day

Who needs a pitbull when there’s a llama or two, or three hanging around? The delivery guy was here today to drop off a package on my front porch. He must have been new because he came right through the gate and casually strolled up to the front porch with his box of goodies. He acted Iike he didn’t have a care in the world as I was watched from the window since I was still wearing my red puppy dog robe.

He put my box on the porch, stood up and stretched (must have been a long day), turned around only to find 3 llamas 5 feet away from him staring at the box they thought he may have hidden tasty goat grain in! The poor guy, he backed up, they inched forward. It looked like he waved at them, mouthing words that probably sounded like…’good boy, nice llama, stay…niiiiiiice llama!’

He stepped off the side of the porch never turning his back to the dingbats and slowly walked to the gate (backwards) with his hands stretched towards the persistent herd who now lost interest in the box because they figured the sweet grain was somewhere on his person!

He got to the gate the same time those llamas did. Mr. Delivery Man fumbled with the latch as Sweetie stuck her nose in his pocket, Sammie sniffed his head and Lincoln decided to scream out his war cry because a black bird flew past. This really freaked the poor guy out!

I’m sure just like the UPS, Prime, USPS, and FedEx delivery people, he will do the ‘rock-paper-sissors’ game with his fellow drivers to see who drops off the next package at our farm when our address pops up on the router screen!!

Man I love this place! So much fun!! 🙃🐐🐓🦃


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